Post-Nominals CF


Churchill Fellows who have successfully submitted their reports are invited by the Trust to use the designatory letters ‘CF’ after their names as a short-hand way of indicating that they are a Churchill Fellow.

The introduction of the post nominal letters is an entitlement only available to Churchill Fellows who have submitted their Fellowship reports, and reflects their dedication and effort towards achieving their project aims.

This entitlement formalises the ongoing role of a Churchill Fellow as a member of an active network of Fellowship ambassadors.

Use of the designatory letters ‘CF’ will serve as an additional form of recognition of your achievement and offers an easy way to identify other Churchill Fellows and a publicly visible method to generate interest and promote Churchill Fellowships.

You may also choose to use the full words ‘Churchill Fellow’ and the year of your award, if you prefer.

The Churchill Trust encourages all Churchill Fellows who are entitled, to use the post-nominal letters ‘CF’ and in doing so proudly promote their standing and credibility as a Churchill Fellow.

You may use the letters ‘CF’ in your email signature block, online profile (such as on LinkedIn) and on your business cards.

Of course, you may already use a post-nominal after your name, such as a qualification, membership or honorary award and it is acceptable practice to use more than one. 

Post-nominals in Australia are normally arranged in the following order:

  1. National honours, 
  2. Queen's Counsel, Senior Counsel and Justice of the Peace,
  3. Degrees and diplomas in chronological order,
  4. Fellowships then memberships of professional and academic bodies,
  5. Parliamentary and military designations.

Example of how to display the post-nominal ‘CF’

  • Mr John Smith CF
  • Ms Joan Smith OAM CF

Our expectations

Naturally we have high expectations of you in your role as a Churchill Fellow, that you:  

  • remain actively connected with the Churchill Trust
  • are willing to engage with other Churchill Fellows
  • are open to mentoring or providing advice
  • promote and encourage other Australians to apply for a Churchill Fellowship.


If you meet the above expectations, you will be able to access ongoing support and assistance to disseminate your Churchill Fellowship findings.

For any enquiries about the use of post-nominals or about dissemination support, please contact or phone 02 6247 8333.