Churchill Fellowships are supported by and benefit many individuals and organisation in the community. We encourage you to consider how you might become part of Australia’s Churchill Fellowship journey.

Partner with The Trust

There are many opportunities to partner with The Churchill Trust. Partnering with us can be as straight-forward as promoting Churchill Fellowships, engaging with our Fellows, or collaborating with us on events such as speaker series, presentations, workshops, or publications. You might also wish to sponsor a Churchill Fellowship, or leave an ongoing legacy through a bequest.


Promote Churchill Fellowships to your employees, membership and networks, and encourage people who you think would make a difference to apply.

  • Inspire people to research issues that align with your values.
  • Access international best practice via Fellows directly, or their reports.


Engage with Churchill Fellows by sharing their findings, meeting with them or asking them to present to or participate with your organisation.

  • Increase your own evidence base and knowledge about the issues most important to you or your organisation.
  • Generate interest within your own organisation and network that could inspire new ideas, initiatives and collaboration.
  • Build your reputation and networks by actively engaging with inspiring Australians and contemporary overseas practice.


Collaborate on events such as speaker series, presentations, workshops, or publications; or extend the value of a Churchill Fellowship through a workplace visit or engagement or similar ‘value creation’ initiative.

  • Generate discussion and debate on specific issues in ways designed to encourage further exploration and innovation drawing on international experience for the benefit of Australia.
  • Provide a platform to promote your issues in a way that engages inspiring people from outside your existing networks.
  • Gain exposure and access to potential partners, collaborators or even future employees.

Sponsor a Fellowship

The Churchill Trust welcomes sponsorships and bequests from individuals and organisations of goodwill who wish to have their name associated with the work of the Trust and support passionate Australians striving for excellence.

  • Set the research topic of a Churchill Fellowship and target a specific geographic or demographic group to take up the opportunity.
  • Be visibly part of a prestigious Australian award scheme, and access opportunities, expertise and international networks otherwise not readily accessible.
  • No administration costs, funding is 100% for the Fellowship and full cost of sponsoring a Fellowship can be tax deductible.
  • Engage with the Churchill Fellow to maximise your investment and relationship.

Partner Spotlight

The Policy Impact Program is a partnership between The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Centre for Policy Futures at the University of Queensland, designed to identify and advocate a selection of ideas from Churchill Fellows with the potential to shape best practice and policy reform on a variety of issues facing Australia. The flagship of the program will be an annual publication Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda, its debut issue to be published in late 2020.

Contact Us

The Trust is always open to new ways of doing things that can maximise the impact of the Churchill Fellowships. Please contact us if you would like to discuss possibilities of engaging with our partnering with us.

Contact Kirsty Guster (Sponsorships and Partnerships) on 02 6247 8333 or email

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