Partners and Sponsors

Churchill Fellowships are supported by and benefit many individuals and organisations in the community. We encourage you to consider how you might become part of Australia’s Churchill Fellowship journey.

Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria (Churchill Fellow)

Engage and Promote

Promote Churchill Fellowship to your employees, membership and networks, or Engage with Churchill Fellows by sharing their findings, meeting with them or asking them to present to or participate with your organisation.


Partner with the Churchill Trust through collaborative events such as speaker series, presentations or workshops, or extend the value of a Churchill Fellowship through a workplace visit or engagement or similar ‘value creation’ initiative.


Sponsor a Churchill Fellowship on a specific issue, topic or field of endeavour to enable passionate Australians striving for excellence to access international expertise and observe inspiring practice in any field of endeavour.


Leave a lasting legacy with a bequest, to support inspired and dedicated Australians making a positive impact in their community, across the many aspects of their journey, whether on their Fellowship travels, or in sharing their findings with the community.

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