Strengthen your influence with the Policy Impact Program (PIP)

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Applications are now open for the Policy Impact Program 2021-22, closing Monday 13 September 2021

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Policy Impact Program (PIP) and flagship publication Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda, The Winston Churchill Trust and the Centre for Policy Futures at The University of Queensland are delighted to now open applications for PIP 2021-22.

PIP 2021-22 will identify, curate and advocate a selection of ideas from Churchill Fellows that have the potential to shape best practice and policy reform on a variety of relevant and contemporary issues facing Australia. Up to 10 applicants will be selected to join the program.

Successful Fellows will work alongside leading policy analysts to assess the policy implications of their work and develop their policy ideas into a co-authored article for publication in Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda, which will be distributed to policy-makers and government personnel.

Eligibility and Commitment

  • Churchill Fellows awarded in or after 2010* and whose submitted reports have been approved.
  • You believe your Fellowship topic has the potential to address a contemporary issue on the Australian policy agenda.
  • Your Fellowship topic is innovative and draws on interesting new ideas, experiences and perspectives from other jurisdictions.

* We will consider Expressions of Interest from pre-2010 Fellows on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits for you as a Churchill Fellow

  • Increase the impact of your Fellowship project and on-going work.
  • Increase your profile via media coverage, editorial distribution, social media, and opportunities to meet with (or present to) policy-makers, and government agencies
  • Networking opportunities and mentoring from leading policy experts.
  • Receive policy training through the ‘Getting Research into Policy and Practice (GRiPP)’ workshop, and media and advocacy training.
  • Develop your policy ideas into an article for the annual publication Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda.

“Not only did it give me the opportunity to better understand policy development and get my ideas out there, it gave me the opportunity to develop another network of amazing professionals… This was one of the most rewarding things I have experienced in my professional career.”

Steve Harrison CF 2015

“I have been able to have meetings with councillors, government officials and senior minister advisors. As a result of these meetings a motion in council was passed at the City of Sydney which takes on the recommendations set out in my article (and Fellowship report).”

Natalia Krysiak CF 2018

“There has been a lot of interest in my work at a state and federal level. I continue to receive interest and invitations to discuss family-inclusive child protection.”

Jessica Cocks CF 2016

How to Apply

1. Read the 2021-2022 PIP Prospectus

2. Complete the Online Application

We also recommend the following resources to help you prepare:

  • A PIP Information and Q&A session was held for interested Fellows on Wednesday 25 August 2021. If you would like to see the recording of this session please contact

Enquiries to Kirsty Guster via email or phone 0437 301 390.