Jennifer Bowles CF 2014

The case for effective mandated substance abuse treatment for young people.

Owen Churches CF 2018

Artificial intelligence and human government.

Jessica Cocks CF 2016

Peer parent and family advocacy in child protection: A pathway to better outcomes for kids.

Scott Falconer CF 2017

How self-determination is returning white smoke to country.

Megan Gilmour CF 2016

School policy and technology to keep sick kids connected.

Steve Harrison CF 2015

The cultural shift needed to improve Vocational Education and Training (VET) outcomes for school students.

Natalia Krysiak CF 2018

Design and planning policy for family-friendly apartment living.

Taryn Lane CF 2016

Zero Carbon Communities: A blueprint for clean energy transitions.

Katrina Marson CF 2018

Implementing relationships and sex education to safeguard sexual wellbeing.

Claire Seppings CF 2015

Breaking the Cycle: Straight-talking ex offenders reduce recidivism.

Katherine Webber CF 2018

We Need to Talk About Public Toilets: Policy agendas for inclusive suburbs/cities

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