The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to prevent the risks and rise of Violent Extremism in Australia

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Alpha's Churchill project is a deeply personal one. After his father's tragic death at the hands of a 15-year old terrorist in 2015, Alpha became involved in the counter extremism space, speaking widely about his experience and speaking out against hate, violence, and the forces that seek to divide. Alpha wanted to find out more about what is currently being done, and what can be done, to prevent extremism. Alpha's research took him to Norway, Denmark, France, and the UK, where he developed a holistic understanding of the complexity and challenges of addressing and preventing violent extremism. Alpha found that targeting key risk factors and behaviours, rather than demographics, are essential to effective intervention. Community engagement and involvement are key to building trust in any program and society. Most importantly, violent extremism can only be addressed by concerted actions from working with young people, educational institutions, youth services, community groups, law enforcements, and corrective services. Alpha's journey took him to the International Congress for Victims of Terrorism where he learnt the power of collective voices in making a difference in the fight against extremism. A former teacher, Alpha could not help getting involved whilst on his fellowship, becoming a panellist in a young leaders program in Leicester. Speaking with a former white supremist and the mother of a foreign fighter, Alpha presented his story and hopes fo rchange to over 800 students. Weaving in his personal story and perspective into his project, Alpha hopes to present a human face to a tragic and wicket problem, and to remind us why addressing extremism should continue to be a priority in Australia.


Alpha Cheng

Alpha Cheng


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