To enhance police response to LGBTI domestic violence

United Kingdom
Community Service
To enhance police response to LGBTI domestic violence featured image

Major Lessons Learnt:

• The necessity of LGBTI liaison officers work in the community to gain the trust of the community

• The benefits of having a 24hr central point of contact for LGBTI Liaison Officers

• The necessity of internal LGBTI awareness training programs for recruits and officers

• The need to acknowledge that DV occurs in all relationships, not just heterosexual

• The potential for the expansion of LGBTI liaison officer roles

• The critical importance of continual engagement with LGBTI support organisations

• The benefits of Community Consultative Committees involving the community and police

• The need to record DV incidents occurring in LGBTI communities.


Ben Bjarnesen BM

Ben Bjarnesen BM


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