To explore peer support as a trauma-informed response to families of online child sex offenders

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PartnerSPEAK is the only organisation in Australia to specifically support the partners and families of perpetrators of child sexual abuse material. As well as continuing and expanding our offering of Intentional Peer Support to affected partners and families, it is recommended that PartnerSPEAK enhance its social change activities in order to redress the impact of stigma and shame.

At a national level, beyond the scope of what PartnerSPEAK can implement on its own, Australian families need:

  • Federal government and opposition to include families affected by child sexual abuse in national domestic violence plans and internal policy documents including: “The National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children” and “The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children;”
  • A national alliance and peak body to focus on supporting the implementation of national plans and to provide leadership and a cohesive response for the states, especially as this offence has impact across jurisdictions and interfaces with the Australian Federal Police and national cyber security;
  • Intentional Peer Support available in every state and territory for partners and family members of perpetrators of child sexual abuse material with a proportionate commitment and investment from each state government; and
  • A national investment in social change projects that counter the current victim-blaming narrative.

Keywords: Child sexual abuse material, CSAM, CAM, CEM, child exploitation material, pornography, child abuse, internet crime, domestic violence, peer support, intentional peer support


Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker


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