To investigate different models of informal learning and youth-led engagement in arts organisations

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To investigate different models of informal learning and youth-led engagement in arts organisations featured image
In considering the current landscape of Australian arts funding and youth engagement, and based on the findings of my Fellowship, my recommendations include: The adoption of a creative youth development (CYD) framework across the Australian youth arts sector that would: enable an improved, collective language around the broader, long-term value of our work; help to articulate programming decisions; and improve our collective ability to explain the rationale and impact of our work to funding bodies That these conversations include representatives from the formal education and social services sector Bringing funders into the conversation as partners instead of sponsors and better supporting them to recognise success and the long-term value of investing in young people The development of some centralised research and evaluation models that can better reflect impact and depth of experience within a CYD framework across the whole arts sector That the breadth of existing research in North America, around long-term impacts of participation and the importance of CYD, also be leveraged to make cases for increased funding in Australia That funding priorities and KPIs for education, engagement and outreach programs evolve to prioritise immersion and sustainability instead of numbers through the door That organisations looking to develop or continue running youth-led programs prioritise funding to pay young people for their involvement and expertise That organisations and peers in the sector look to develop partnerships, consortiums or collectives, informally or formally, that would support resource sharing, enhance funding opportunities and better support young people to develop their own skills and communities That young people themselves are consulted and directly involved in all of these conversations Keywords: Creative youth development, informal learning, museum education, peer-led learning, young people, youth-led engagement


Jo Higgins

Jo Higgins


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