To investigate global best practice character development strategies for adolescent males

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To investigate global best practice in character development for adolescent males. Peer influences, changing parental dynamics, dwindling numbers of male role models in early childhood and adolescence and the expanding dangers of social media have left our young men vulnerable to the effect of underdeveloped personal leadership traits.

These environmental and social challenges are being reflected through rising male youth suicide rates, extremism, increased risk - taking behaviour and the attraction of illicit social drugs.

This project will explore the influences on male adolescent behaviour, the impact of strong role models on future behaviour, the role that culture and environment plays in character development and innovative strategies to support young men who require support.

The Churchill Fellowship has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to gain a far deeper insight into a number of people and organisations who are undertaking some incredibly valuable work in developing young men with a wide range of personal characteristics that will support enhanced leadership skills, an improved ability to be socially active and a deeper commitment to community.

The Fellowship has provided some amazing connections that will become lifelong relationships. The Fellowship has only deepened my passion to create a generational shift in this area and further inspired my desire to undertake ongoing learning to better understand how this shift can be achieved.


Jon Haines

Jon Haines


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