To investigate the potential of community food forests and orchards

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Community-based food forests (assemblies of food producing trees, shrubs, ground-covers and vines that mimic natural forests) and orchards (large and orderly groves of fruit and nut trees only) are novel public green space initiatives. They complement modern urban life providing multiple social, environmental and health benefits to the community. While virtually unknown in Australia, ground breaking programs and projects overseas have emerged over the last two decades. Gavin’s Churchill Fellowship project report documents the processes, designs and operations of some of the world's exemplars.

Over nine weeks from August to October 2022, Gavin travelled in the northern hemisphere to investigate the potential of community food forests and orchards, and how they can be applied and delivered here in Australia.

Gavin met with the key people associated with ten of the world’s exemplar projects and recorded 51 sites. As a built environment professional and community food practitioner the trip gave him incredible insights into the governance, operations, designs, yields and user experiences of these projects. His report shares his insights, recommendations and implementation strategies and since his return Gavin has been actively presenting and sharing his findings within Australia .


In addition to Gavin’s main report, you can also download a more detailed case study report covering the ten organisations he met with.


Gavin Hardy

Gavin Hardy


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