To research how schools can change communities to create students that are ready to thrive and learn

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To research how schools can change communities to create students that are ready to thrive and learn featured image
In 2018, I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research how schools can change communities to create students that are ready to thrive and learn. Schools have fourteen years where they can have day to day contact with homes and families.  As our communities and society in general changes and community issues become more complex, we need to look at and re-evaluate the role of the school within its community. While traditional school research looks at changing the child whilst at school, my research focused on how schools can change communities to interrupt the cycle of generational poverty and disadvantage that cripples a student’s learning potential.  My action research project looked at how other schools have reached into their communities to support the kind of positive and lasting change that sets their children up for school success. At the heart of this research is the community. Building a model that can address the complexities we see in today’s society and creating students that are ready to thrive and learn. My findings are categorised under the following key headings; A Community School Approach Developing Global Citizens and Acting Locally Universities; School Partnerships and Teacher Training  Anchor Institutions, and Relationships and Leadership My research journey took me to the United Kingdom, Canada, The United States of America and New Zealand. Across the world in education we are all facing similar challenges, some of these being; Intergenerational poverty, disadvantage and trauma.  The broadening of the economic divide between the rich and the poor, with more families and communities struggling to live above the poverty line.  Increased Mental Health support required for students is growing rapidly. University Teaching Programs, are they preparing graduates for the reality of school life?  Funding, we never feel like we have enough, grants and philanthropic donations are essential.  Education can’t do it alone, partnerships are essential. Systemically we need to ask, what are we going to do differently in Education to? Engage with parents/ care’ givers Develop community partnerships Build healthy communities Create a shift in “traditional” Education Keywords: Schools, change, community, leadership, partnerships, children, families, global citizens, anchor, universities, government, resources, healthy, teacher training, relationships


Judith King

Judith King


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