To research new, practical methods to fight law enforcement corruption by organised crime

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To research new, practical methods to fight law enforcement corruption by organised crime featured image

General Recommendations and Conclusions

Consider development of a joint/multi-agency strategy for Corruption Prevention, to enable co-ordination and facilitate shared projects.

Better use of professional networks and communities to increase corruption prevention capability across law enforcement (NB. ACLEI currently hosts a Community of Practice for jurisdictional law enforcement agencies to share ideas. This forum meets three times a year, and the format has evolved over time. The Australian Anti-Corruption Commissions also convene a bi-annual Corruption Prevention Practitioners meeting).

Reinforce the importance of organisational values and loyalty to professional standards throughout the law enforcement employee lifecycle.

Improve awareness and public involvement through; increased publication of case specific material and lessons learned; multi stakeholder events and opportunities for engagement; and the development of a community and schools integrity package.

Identification of competencies required for anticorruption practitioners and the creation of a central centre of excellence to focus on anticorruption -

a. Encourage investment in contingent approaches that allow tailoring to risk environment and support a ‘best fit’ approach,

b. Include diverse disciplines such as (but not limited to) behavioural economics, psychology, social sciences, criminology and law

Increase ease of reporting through the adoption of technology (such as creation of Apps).

Design and resource corruption prevention structures to enable a combination of approaches.

Keywords: Corruption, integrity, law enforcement, anti-corruption, prevention


Carolyn Nixon

Carolyn Nixon


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