To review training programs for sex workers providing services to clients with disability

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To review training programs for sex workers providing services to clients with disability featured image
The focus of this project was to review a number of training programs overseas for sex workers providing services to clients with disability. The project aimed to learn more about different training modules developed for sex workers / sexual assistants in a number of European countries. Workshops of this kind focus upon increasing the knowledge and skills of the participants when providing a range of sexual services specifically to clients with disability. Additionally it was anticipated that the researcher would be able to learn more about specific learning tools and resources utilised in such training workshops, to increase future learning strategies for Australian sex workers on their return. While the initial project proposed visits to specific key people and organisations within the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Denmark, other opportunities arose in the planning process, expanding the itinerary to include locations within France, Belgium and Thailand. One of the primary aims of this Fellowship was to increase the capacity of myself, to be able to facilitate and expand training workshops for Australian sex workers, via Touching Base. It is important to be able to facilitate learning and development in a variety of ways, utilising different resources, while presenting information that will be relevant and interesting to participants. I have returned to Australia with a broad range of new and informative resources, including a number of YouTube videos, to increase the diversity of the information that Touching Base can offer. I wanted my Masters dissertation to not just be a theoretical discussion but a practical resource that allows people to be directed to useful, thought provoking and educational resources in the areas of disability, sexuality, sex work and the intersection between sex workers and their clients with disability. I would like the results of this Fellowship to also have an ongoing positive application. As well as sharing resources and knowledge with Touching Base I will be developing new sections of my personal website to create an expanding library of references and links to inform people about resources they may not be aware of. Spending quality time with different trainers, academics, organisations, sex workers and sexual assistants involved gave me opportunities to ask thorough, pertinent questions relevant to the field. It also allowed for the development of meaningful and ongoing conversations while sharing 38 resources, offering translations and speaking about policies, legislation, education, resource development and community engagement.


Rachel Wotton

Rachel Wotton


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