Building your Profile through the Fellows' Portal

Each Fellow has two pages they are able to build and update, one for you as an individual Fellow and one for your Project.

The components of these pages are listed below:

Fellow Profile Page

  • Bio – Your personal bio about You and your background, this gives readers an insight into why you chose your Fellowship project and how it fits into the bigger picture of your career/vocation. Please refer to this guide on writing a bio created by our Communications Consultant Sheena Ireland who some of you may have met at a previous induction session.

  • Profile photo – a clear ‘headshot’ photo is preferred, however a photo of you in the field is great too, as long as you can clearly see your face.

Project Page

  • Project summary – this could be an introductory paragraph that summarises your project (please ensure it is written past tense if you have already travelled and returned) or a list of your top findings/recommendations. You likely have something already written in your report that you could adapt for this purpose. Ideally you want this paragraph or so to encourage people to download your full report for further reading.

  • Project Photo – this may be a photo you have taken while on your Fellowship e.g. photo with people you met, taken at an event you attended or of a place or object you work with frequently (this is a good option if you have not yet travelled). This photo does not have to have You in it, it is up to you. Remember it will accompany the above Project Summary so it’s nice if it’s related. Without this project photo, your webpage will have a placeholder ‘swirl’ image.

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