Maura Solley (1999) joined the Churchill Fellows Association of Queensland committee in 2017 and has fulfilled roles including Treasurer, assisting with planning social functions, and participating in delivering a regional roadshow. Maura was the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship in 1999 to discover effective speech and swallowing rehabilitation responses for those needing ventilator assistance in and out of hospital care.

Maura’s fellowship introduced her to tremendously skilled and welcoming practitioners as well as children and adult ventilator users throughout the USA and UK. In the years soon after Maura returned to speech pathology practice and shared her knowledge through clinical work, academic publications, development of multi disciplinary clinical guidelines, and contributions to research.

In recent years Maura’s focus has diversified to build effective communication and swallowing skills in the community across the life span though clinical supervision of speech pathology undergraduates and in her private clinic.

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