With over 40 years of training and experience in the health area, and a passion for mental health and wellbeing, Dr Cate Howell’s focus is on education for health professionals and the community.

Cate’s 2000 Churchill Fellowship explored the ‘Primary Care Management of Anxiety and Depression, and on her return, she completed a PhD on depression. In 2012 Cate was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to mental health.

Cate aims to share knowledge and useful tools with professionals and the community to improve mental health and wellbeing. She currently works in her own practice with clinical and education arms, and she works with various organisations as a Medical Education Consultant and Lecturer.

Cate has also authored six books on mental health topics, the latest called ‘The Flourishing Woman A mental health and wellbeing guide’ is due out in October 2023. Cate’s holistic and practical approach is evident in all of her pursuits, including her writing and workshops.

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