Heather Smith (2015) is an electrical engineer and a policy maker, with a passion for community energy.

In her third career she is focused on community energy and our energy transition. Heather volunteers with Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia,(CORENA) and the Coalition for Community Energy, two of the organisations in the emerging community energy sector.

Heather is finalising a PhD with UniSA looking at what it takes to redesign our electricity system. Microgrids and the growing independence of local energy systems is the focus of her research.

Heather is currently building expertise in local energy systems with a PhD on redesigning the electricity system with microgrids. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Adelaide and is a graduate of the Governor’s Leadership Foundation, Leaders Institute of South Australia.

In 2016 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to travel and investigate the energy transitions of various countries who are also leading the way in renewable energy.

Heather has been both an energy consultant and a climate change policy maker in her career. She’s now focused on helping South Australia get to 100% renewable energy but in ways that will build locally and efficiently in order to put energy back into service for our communities.

Heather volunteers with Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia, the Coalition for Community Energy and she is thrilled to have done a TEDx Adelaide talk.

View Heather’s project here

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