Annual report 2023-24

We are delighted to present Churchill Trust’s 2023-24 annual report.

Transforming education through music

Anita Collins is out to change the world, one education system at a time, and she’s well on the way to doing it.

The pointy end of vaccines

How can we ensure vaccines are safe to use, and what advancements can help? Listen to the latest Churchill Collective podcast episode.

King's Birthday Honour's list 2024

Congratulations to seven Churchill Fellows recognised on the 2024 King's Birthday Honours list.

Diving into venom research

How can we find new medicines from ocean creatures, and then how can we speed up those drugs’ development? Listen to the latest Churchill Collective podcast episode.

Reweaving the fabric of fast fashion

Meriel Chamberlin, a visionary textile industry expert is heading off overseas on her Churchill Fellowship to help build Australia’s circular textile economy. 

Leading with Musical Finesse

In the world of classical music, Churchill Fellow Jessica Gethin from WA stands out as a dynamic force, captivating people with her talent and energy.

Hostage situations to lifesaving medics - transforming emergency care

From hostage negotiation teams within police tactical emergency to public responses, Simon's experiences overseas have provided him with a global perspective on best practices in emergency medical response, which he now seeks to adapt and implement within the Australian context.

Homicide investigations and enhancing the role of Family Liaison Officers

Churchill Fellow and Detective Senior Constable Sharni Lawler of the Western Australia Police Force, has released her new report with insights into enhancing the Family Liaison Officer role in homicide investigations.

Groundbreaking model of immediate support for youth mental health

Meet Suzanne Fuzzard, Occupational and Family Therapist, and Churchill Fellow from South Australia who is deeply committed to improving mental health support for young people.

Anzac Day - their mob loves them and knows where they are

This Anzac Day is an important day for our nation to reflect upon the brave people who gave up their lives in war, to fight for peace.

Churchill Fellows shed light on innovative ways to tackle cost of living crisis

As Aussies grapple with soaring inflation, price gouging, and mounting cost of living pressures, food security has never been more pressing : Churchill Fellows' shed light on innovative solutions for Australia.

Unlocking intelligence behind bars

How do we know what is really going on behind bars in Australia’s prisons? In this lastest episode of our podcast, the Churchill Collective, host Adam Spencer explores the secretive world of intelligence gathering in the corrections system.

Saskia Beer Fellowship - Aussie Chef returns with learnings from French foodies

Renowned Melbourne Chef Sascha Randle has returned from her Churchill Fellowship in France, elevating her charcuterie craftsmanship

Groundbreaking research on ACL injuries

Churchill Fellow Jane Rooney (VIC, 2016) spoke to Channel Nine's Medical Reporter, Emily Rice about groundbreaking research showing a new bracing protocol can actually remove the need for ACL surgery.

Robotics and STEM: Building future innovators

Pioneering technology like the Teleport robot, Marita Cheng, a Churchill Fellow and recipient of Churchill Trust Impact Funding, aids cancer patients and connects hospitalised kids with school.

Smarter homes for people out of hospital or with a disability

In an Australia-first, people leaving hospital or with a disability can visit a simulated smart home with new assistive tech to try, set up at the Fiona Stanley Hospital by Churchill Fellow Tim McLennan

​Churchill Fellowships 2024 now open

​Churchill Fellowships 2024 are now open, offering people the opportunity to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to explore a topic or issue that they're passionate about, and come back and share knowledge to improve their community.

ACCC Supermarket Inquiry needs to deliver greater price transparency

ACCC Supermarket Inquiry needs to deliver greater price transparency - Opinion piece by Churchill Fellow Ian Jarratt

Graffiti Artist making a difference, one mural at a time

David Collins from the Northern Territory is looking at early intervention and restorative justice programs using public art, with people at-risk or caught in the criminal justice system.

Find out about Churchill Fellowships - info sessions in 2024

Get ready for the 2024 Churchill Fellowship online information session series. Missed a session? Don't worry - the recordings are here!

Empowering filmmakers for social impact

‘No film is a silver bullet’ but documentaries and features can definitely help spark social change. Churchill Fellow Alex Kelly supports the evolution of the social change film industry as the intersection between filmmaking and activism grows.

Police Officer to take on the fight with cryptocurrency

South Australian Detective Sergeant and recipient of the Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship, Martin Burke is working to disrupt the use of cryptocurrencies by organised crime.

Learning from big cats to tackle wild dogs - roaring success on predator management

Tracey Kreplins has recently released her Churchill Fellowship report after travelling to South Africa to gain insights into international predator management.

Announcing new Patron of the Trust, the Hon Linda Dessau AC CVO CF

The Chair of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, David Trebeck, is delighted to announce the appointment of the Honourable Linda Dessau AC CVO CF as a Patron of the Winston Churchill Trust.

One man's revolution of supermarket pricing

New podcast episode features Adam Spencer speaking to Churchill Fellow Ian Jarratt, who brought supermarket unit pricing to Australia.

Calling all passionate people - Churchill Fellowship 2024 applications 1 March

Calling all passionate people - Churchill Fellowship 2024 applications open 1 March

Congratulations to our 2024 Australia Day award recipients

Congratulations to our 13 Churchill Fellows; our Board Director and Life Member who were all recognised on the 2024 Australia Day Honours list.

Churchill Fellow calls for edible gardens in the wake of cost of living crisis

Nick has called for a major expansion of community gardens nationally as an investment in food security, but also as a preventative public health measure, calling for a $500mn Edible Gardening Fund.

Mickey unveils global insights into gourmet mushrooms

Meet Mickey Pascoe, Churchill Fellow and co-founder of Little Acre Gourmet Mushrooms in Brisbane. Mickey had the incredible opportunity to travel across Japan, Europe, and the United States, diving into the nuances of gourmet mushroom cultivation.

Sculpting a friendship with Wojciech Pietranik and Berendina de Ruiter

Churchill Fellows Wojciech and Berendina talk about their shared studio, passion for sculpting in stone and the artistic community they found on their Churchill Fellowship.

Aussie Cognac distiller learns the art of brandy production from France

Holly Klintworth, an Aussie Cognac distiller travelled to France on her Churchill Fellowship to learn from renowned cognac producers in France the art of brandy production, and bring her learnings home to Australia to help inspire other local producers. 

Grocery giants on notice - Churchill Fellow comments

Ian Jarratt, Churchill Fellow and introducer of unit pricing in Australia, has spoken to Sky News about supermarket price gouging and the newly announced government supermarket review.

Board Announcement - new CEO

The Chair of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, David Trebeck, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Rachael Coghlan as the Trust’s CEO, succeeding Adam Davey who resigned late last year after more than seven years in the role.

Applications open 1 March

Applications for the 2024 Churchill Fellowship round open 1 March. Find out more about becoming a Fellow today.

Your summer reading is here - reports published in 2023

Churchill Fellows travelled around the world this year to gather these latest findings for Australia. So head into your new year in 2024 with the world's newest and most innovative ideas. Happy reading!

Unwrapping knowledge for Australia

Pine tree propagation, toys for kids with disabilities, brandy and cognac production, walnuts, fine artisan baking, just some topics of our passionate Churchill Fellows.

Loneliness this Christmas #justsayhello

With loneliness soaring globally, especially during this Christmas season, Ros Thomas, one of our newest Churchill Fellowship recipients, aims to tackle this issue head-on.

Community radio supporting Prevention through Intervention

2MCE Bathurst community station at Charles Sturt University features new Churchill report by Andrew Hurst "Prevention through Intervention," outlining new strategies to combat Domestic and Family Violence perpetrators in Australia.

Theatrical catalysts for healthcare culture change

Dr. Catherine Crock's plays transform hospital culture by emphasizing patient-centered care and safety, with a new initiative using video content to stream performances into hospitals and medical schools, reaching a wider audience for lasting impact.

International Day of People with Disabilities

With the focus on UN International Day of People with Disability on Dec 3, Churchill Fellows have passionately led change to make real differences for Australians with disabilities in areas including employment, education, infrastructure, technology, arts, sports and more.

Happy Birthday Sir Winston!

Celebrating today the indomitable spirit of Sir Winston Churchill on his birthday 30 November.

Questacon turns 35 - founded by Churchill Fellow

Questacon, founded by the late Professor Michael Gore, a Churchill Fellow recently marked its 35th anniversary - we were pleased to attend their stakeholder event.

100 years of radio in Australia

Today, we mark 100 Years since the start of Australia's first radio station, now the beloved ABC Radio Sydney we cherish today.  In honour of this milestone, here's a spotlight on some of the outstanding Churchill Fellows in the field of radio. 

Designing and printing fabrics with Wendy Lugg

Churchill Fellow Wendy Lugg shares how the connections she formed overseas led to amazing opportunities long after she returned from her Fellowship.

If not us, then who? new ways to combat domestic and family violence in Australia

Andrew Hurst, a Police Superintendent and Churchill Fellow, presents a pioneering new report with new strategies to combat Domestic and Family Violence perpetrators in Australia.

More ladies as tradies

​Polly Britten is set to head on her Churchill Fellowship to Europe, Canada and the United States to learn how to lift Australia’s female representation in skilled trades.

Aussie police officer to fight the increasing problem of cybercrime

Mike’s Churchill Fellowship will examine how Australian police could be better equipped to fight cybercrime by researching international best practice.

NSW author explores dog therapy for foster children

Laura Greaves, the award-winning author of eight non-fiction books about dogs, was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship award to evaluate dog-assisted therapy programs for children living in foster care and determine best practice. She will travel to the United States of America to investigate how dog-based programs can achieve maximum positive impact for Australian children in foster care.

Bloodstains on the Cocaine Trail: A groundbreaking exploration of crime journalism

Well-known Canberra journalist and Churchill Fellow Peter Clack unveils his new book "Bloodstains on the Cocaine Trail - Crime reporting on Famous Newspaper" scheduled for release tomorrow by Austin Macauley Publishers in the UK, US, Europe, Canada and the Australasian region.

Championing accessibility in the Australian music scene

Morwenna Collett is revolutionising the Australian music industry by tackling accessibility issues, from online information gaps to physical barriers at venues, through her groundbreaking National Live Music Accessibility Charter project.

Aussie racehorses (harness and track) deserve better in their post-racing lives

Today is Melbourne Cup Day, and Annie Knox is focused on our Aussie racehorses and their post-racing lives. Annie, a Veterinary scientist, is using her Churchill Fellowship to improve their transition to equestrian careers.

Leading the way in policing

Three Churchill Fellows will take the stage at the Australian and New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency’s event in Melbourne this week

New episode - Churchill Collective - dogs in court

In our newest episode, host Adam Spencer speaks with Julie Morrison about using dogs to support victims in court.

3D motion capture methods with Luke Hopper

Churchill Fellow Luke Hopper describes himself as the 'science guy in the art school' and talks about how his passion for his work grew on his Fellowship.

Data-driven insights into voluntary assisted dying

Dr. Margaret O'Connor reveals the importance of data in navigating the complex landscape of voluntary assisted dying, ensuring transparency, and fostering a national consensus on end-of-life care statistics in Australia.

Message from the Board of Directors - resignation of Trust CEO

National Chair of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, David Trebeck, has announced that CEO, Adam Davey, will be departing the organisation at the end of the year.

Aussie journalist sets sail on a pirate chase of a different kind

Timothy Stone, Victorian journalist and new recipient of a Churchill Fellowship is about to embark on a pirate chase, looking for a very different type of treasure, including in Samurai records of Japan.

Hold big tech to account - safer screens for Aussie kids

Barbara Biggins from Adelaide, an early media trailblazer and latest recipient of the Winston Churchill Trust’s Impact Funding continues her 50-year campaign to keep Aussie screens safe and appropriate for our children.

From wrongful detention in Iran to global advocacy: Kylie to learn world’s best practices for citizen release

Kylie Moore-Gilbert, an unyielding advocate for Australians wrongfully detained abroad, and following her personal ordeal as a diplomatic hostage in Iran from 2018 to 2020, has been awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship.

Learning abroad to improve policing in Australia

Meet Sam Norman, one of our newest Churchill Fellowship recipients with over 20 years’ experience as a Detective Sergeant. Sam is on his way to the UK and the USA to learn from the best and bring these practices back to Australian policing.

Amputees deserve a leg up - Churchill Fellow shares findings from Europe

Heather Batten recently went to eight countries in Europe on her Churchill Fellowship to to learn ways to improve the lives of Australians with an amputation.

Venom to heal - from snakes to sea anemones

Venom bio-applications include drugs to treat disease such as stroke, anti-venom, control parasites/pests detrimental to the agriculture industry and even harnessed as cosmetics. Michela Mitchell to share Fellowship learnings at upcoming Venoms to Drugs conference.

The nexus between classical and jazz saxophone with Matt Styles

Churchill Fellow Matt Styles talks about his love of saxophone and how his Fellowship completely changed how he plays and teaches.

Inspired and angry about gambling harm

“Australia is the cash cow for gambling companies and there’s no need for us to be the worst in the world,” said Lauren Levine, recently returned Churchill Fellow.

New episode of 'The Churchill Collective' - Press for help - button for family violence.'

In our newest podcast episode, 'The Churchill Collective", Adam Spencer chats to Chris Boyle about family violence and challenging Australia's status quo through Chris' invention, the StandbyU Shield.

Veterans and families with invisible wounds - in service to our country

Australian veterans and their families are the focus of a new Churchill Fellowship report published today, which highlights concerns around the treatment of families supporting veterans, with the invisible wounds resulting from service to our country.

New report : therapeutic technology and support for brain injury survivors

Phil Ladlow, an experienced Physiotherapist from Hobart has just released his new Churchill Fellowship report about technology promoting neuroplasticity in people with brain injury & disease, bringing together the latest findings from the US, UK, Austria, Canada, Germany and Spain.

Spotlight on 104 new Churchill Fellows awarded in 2023

104 new Churchill Fellowships have been awarded to everyday Australians who have a passion to further investigate their chosen topic to benefit local communities.

Corsetry and couture womenswear with Amanda Nichols

Churchill Fellow Amanda Nichols is passionate about fashion and talks about the different ways that she's been able to share her Fellowship learnings.

Launch of the Churchill Collective podcast

We are excited to introduce our first episode of the Churchill Collective podcast, hosted by Adam Spencer. Listen here on our website, on Apple podcast or Spotify.

Innovative prosthetic design for advances in healthcare : new report

Rami Al-Dirini releases his new report with potential benefits for athletes, the elderly, people with osteoarthritis, diabetics, wheelchair users, and bedridden patients.

Churchill Fellows building children's literacy this Book Week

This Children's Book Week 2023 (August 19-25), Churchill Fellows continue to champion children's literacy throughout Australia. 

Australian Violinist revives historical improvisation in classical music

Australian Violinist Simone Slattery has embarked on a transformative European journey to revive historical violin performance. Simone's mission was to infuse historical improvisation into contemporary teaching and performance.

Homelessness week 2023

This Homelessness week from August 7-13, Churchill Fellows determined to end homelessness are sharing their latest international findings at a range of fora around Australia

Board Statement on the Referendum on the Voice to Parliament

The Trust is committed to reconciliation and acknowledges the impact of colonialism on Australia’s First Peoples. We urge all Australians to make an informed vote at the upcoming Referendum.

From Australian Waters to global palates: A caviar success story with Indigenous partnerships

If it looks like caviar and tastes just as delicious, then caviar it is, even if it’s sourced from Australian fish rather than sturgeon or lumpfish from Iran, Russia or Europe, and costs considerably less. Nick Gorman, one of our latest Impact Funding recipients, doesn’t mind what we call it, preferring instead that we enjoy its flavour and the ‘pop’ it makes in the mouth.

Congratulations to our Policy Impact Program Fellows for 2023-24

We're excited to introduce our 2023-24 Policy Impact program Fellows, in partnership with the Centre for Policy Futures at The University of Queensland. The Policy Impact program highlights best practice ideas from Churchill Fellows, driving policy reform on key Australian issues.

Making stencil art with Luke Cornish

Churchill Fellow Luke Cornish talks about how he used his Fellowship to collaborate with inspiring artists internationally, and his motivation to build a collaborative culture here in Australia.

Soothing strains and bringing joy - orchestras & choirs unite with hospitals, schools & community Copy

Graham Sattler, a visionary musician, educator, and orchestra CEO from NSW, has recently landed after his journey across seven countries. His mission: to bring the power of music back to the heart of Australian communities.

Australia's rising food prices and $100B agriculture goal: new report on supply chains

With new trade agreements in play, growing concerns over escalating food prices, and the rising cost of living, as well as farmer’s need to navigate complex processes to prove their ethics and sustainability, Peter Carter's new report sheds light on critical solutions for supply chains in Australia.

NAIDOC Week - truth telling & healing models

As NAIDOC Week kicks off in Australia, we are proud to farewell two Churchill Fellows, Robyn Smith-Walley and Jody Nunn, as they embark on their joint Fellowship to explore international truth telling and healing models.

Oysters by Indigenous communities

Samantha Nowland from NT has a dream to see tropical oysters being cultured by Indigenous  communities across northern Australia, and she is about to embark on her Churchill Fellowship.

Teaching of elite vocational ballet with Lisa Pavane

Churchill Fellow Lisa Pavane talks about the lasting connections she made overseas and the satisfaction of teaching and watching others succeed.

Domestic violence in migrant communities

Carol Kaplanian's new Churchill Fellowship report sheds light on family violence in Australian migrant & refugee communities.

Opening eyes on disability employment

Donna Purcell from NSW who is blind, ventured across the world to visit twenty-two of the world's biggest companies to find out what they're doing to lead on disability employment. Some of the big names Donna visited included Microsoft, HSBC, Loreal, Nestle, Louis Vuitton

World Refugee Day 20 June

On World Refugee Day, 20 June we honour the strength and resilience of those who have been forced to leave their homes in search of safety and a better future, and the Churchill Fellows who have dedicated themselves to making a positive impact in the lives of refugees in Australia.

June Pride month

This June during Pride month, we are proud of our Fellows who are working diligently to foster a society where everyone feels seen, heard, safe, and valued for who they are, regardless of their status.

Melbourne dyer unveils nature's textile palette

Heather Thomas has released her new Churchill Fellowship report on natural dyes and their role in promoting sustainable textile production, amidst mounting concerns over the harmful effects of the textile dyeing industry on waterways globally.

Babies and children in court deserve better

Churchill Fellow Matt Wilson is calling for improved court support for babies and children in his newly released report, and is urging the establishment of a Specialist Infant Court pilot program, along with vital reforms and consultations with First Nations communities.

King's Birthday Honour's list 2023

Congratulations to ten Churchill Fellows, and our Chair of our WA Community Services Advisory Panel recognised on the 2023 King's Birthday Honours list.

World Oceans Day

This World Oceans Day, the tides are changing. In celebration of the United Nations World Oceans Day theme, Planet Ocean, our Churchill Fellows join forces with decision makers around Australia in their core work in protecting and preserving the ocean.

Annual report 2022-23

We are pleased to share the release of Churchill Trust's annual report.

World Environment Day

Today, 2023 World Environment Day is focused on the global effort to #BeatPlasticPollution. For almost 60 years, Churchill Fellows have sought innovative ideas to benefit Australia's environment and climate for farming, wilderness, land and sea.

Cold case hub - $1 million offered 20 years on

Superintendent Tim Day, Churchill Fellow and police officer of 32 years with the Victorian Police Homicide Squad Cold Case Hub announced a $1M reward for new information as part of their investigation into the suspicious death of Marea Yann. The Cold Case Hub was developed based on Tim's Churchill Fellowship.

Australia's $BN space industry : new report

Dr Scott Sleap, Churchill Fellow and visionary is calling for Australia to build capability in the space industry, set to skyrocket nationally to $12BN over the next decade, $1 trillion internationally by 2040.

National Sorry Day; honouring the heroes Australia forgot

National Sorry Day 26 May is not only a day to remember the Stolen Generation, but a day our nation can reflect. Joseph (Joe) Flick, has recently completed a Churchill Fellowship to honour the brave Indigenous men who gave their lives defending the country that denied them citizenship.

Contemporary blacksmithing with Tim Bignell

Churchill Fellow Tim Bignell talks about sharing his knowledge of blacksmithing and the satisfying process of learning new skills.

Opioid misuse ; Australia's biggest killer

Opioid prescribing in Australia has quadrupled, causing more deaths than any other drugs. Jennifer Schumann, has returned from her Fellowship to the USA, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland with solutions for the opioid crisis.

Addressing housing affordability

Churchill Fellow Martin Garred is presenting at the Planning Institute of Australia Congress 23 this week in SA. He recognises the pressing challenges of housing affordability, and is sharing his new Fellowship findings.

Give the bees a knees up! World Bee Day

Bees are in decline worldwide, and this World Bee Day Saturday 20 May, Churchill Fellows working in the area are vital to ensure Australia’s bee population remains strong and healthy.

Calls for a stronger national approach to handling coercive control

Australians who have partners that isolate, threaten, monitor, humiliate, gaslight or control them could be experiencing a form of family violence known as ‘coercive control’. Two Churchill Fellows have recently seen laws in action overseas, and are calling for Australian governments to step up Australia’s response to address coercive control and learn from overseas

Remembering a legend : Dr John Yeo treating spinal injuries

We are saddened by the passing of Dr John Yeo, Life Member of the Trust. In 1967 John was one of the early Churchill Fellows, where he studied improved methods of caring for patients with spinal injuries. He was concerned about the increase of these injuries in Australia as in the rest of the world and he was passionate to do something about it.

Shining a light on energy and cost of living : new reports

More than one third of all Australians are currently struggling to pay for rising electricity - three Churchill Fellows offer some longer term solutions for Australia's energy sector

Inspiring future generations to reach for the stars

Tonight, Australians can see the Eta Aquariids meteor shower, a reminder of the beauty of the universe and the vital role Churchill Fellows play in advancing space exploration capabilities, paving the way for future generations to reach for the stars.

New approaches to combat crime and safeguard communities

Helen Glazebrook, a seasoned criminal intelligence professional, is today presenting her new Churchill Fellowship report on international best practice in corrections intelligence methodologies to senior officials in corrective intelligence.

Tackling Australia's homelessness crisis : new report

Leanne's new Churchill Fellowship report, Everybody's Business: what local government can do to end homelessness, found that local governments around the world have a critical part to play.

Glass blowing with Peter Minson

Churchill Fellow Peter Minson shares his passion, persistence and his journey to becoming a Churchill Fellow.

Adelaidean rocks lost stone art

Evan Marker, an Adelaide-based stonemason of 20 years, has published his Churchill Fellowship report, after travelling to the UK and Belgium to train in the art of stone letter carving.

New report : vaccine safety under the microscope

Dr Nicholas Wood has today published his Fellowship report, sharing his findings from Canada, Switzerland and USA. Dr Nick is a NSW based general paediatrician with significant experience in vaccine safety, maternal and neonatal immunisation.

Our connection with the National Portrait Gallery

We are pleased to share this short film celebrating our connection with the National Portrait Gallery, including vision of Churchill Fellow Luke Cornish whose portrait of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke AC (1929-2019) is part of the Gallery's collection.

Sculpting visual symphonies with Ante Dabro

Churchill Fellow Ante Dabro calls himself a 'mad sculptor' and believes you can't do anything without passion.

Tiger cubs and the future of conservation technology

Adelaide Zoo’s Sumatran new tiger cubs aren’t just cute; they’re critical to conservation efforts. Contributing to the future of conservation is South Australian Sarah Brown who has completed her Churchill Fellowship exploring technology platforms that could be employed by zoos.

Aussie seaweed : an answer to global climate change

Seaweed has been identified as the latest answer to global climate change, and Andrew Christian has just published his report to assist Australia to be well placed on its seaweed journey.

Time travel awaits - join the ACT Heritage Festival to explore the region's rich history

Amy Jarvis, Churchill Fellow and heritage expert, spoke at the launch of the 40th ACT Heritage Festival 2023 with topics ranging from the stars, spies, to trees, cows and more, running 11-30 April.

Sustainable design in shoemaking with Marlene Kranz

Churchill Fellow Marlene Kranz is passionate about sustainability in shoemaking and emphasises the importance of staying excited about your work.

Hand paper making with Winsome Jobling

Churchill Fellow Winsome Jobling talks through the process of making paper by hand and how opportunities have grown since her Churchill Fellowship.

From navy diver to violin maker

After serving six years in the Royal Australian Navy as a clearance Diver, Adam Edwards had a creative side that he wanted to discover.

World Water Day 2023 - new report

World Water Day on 22 March 2023 is marked by the release of Dr Madeleine Hartley’s recent Churchill Fellowship report, Water Law for Equity in a Changing Climate.

Improving literacy for vulnerable children

Olivia Samec from WA is today travelling to Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA to investigate innovative initiatives and programs for promoting literacy and well-being of children in state care

CFA SA Presidents Report

CFA SA President’s Report 2023

Cider lovers and space enthusiasts!🍎🍐🌌🚀

Camilla Humphries, Churchill Fellow, renowned cider connoisseur and Agricultural Scientist, is set to judge the juice, as well as sustain astronauts in space!

International Women's Day 2023 - tackling women's issues

On International Women's Day, we acknowledge the significant progress and achievements by Churchill Fellows for the advancement of women's issues in Australia.

Practical solutions to the housing crisis for vulnerable people

Older people, renters, women, people with disabilities are among those most vulnerable to be hit hardest by Australia’s current housing crisis. What seems to have been lacking are practical ways to address problems and to alleviate the stresses especially felt by vulnerable Australians in this space.

Calling all passionate people - Churchill Fellowship applications open today!

Churchill Fellowships for 2023 open today 1 March, offering people the opportunity to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to explore a topic or issue that they're passionate about, and come back and share knowledge about international best practice and innovation.

Calling all passionate people - Churchill Fellowship 2023 applications open this week!

Calling all passionate people - Churchill Fellowship 2023 applications open this week!

Rewatch our latest information sessions

Missed out on our latest information session? No worries! Re-watch here on our Youtube channel with guest speakers sharing valuable insights on Churchill Fellowships. 

The art of tinsmithing with Rebecca Morgan

Churchill Fellow Rebecca Morgan is one of the few practising tinsmiths in Australia and is dedicated to sharing her skills.

Preventing family violence in communities impacted by natural disasters

Twenty StandbyU Shields given to the Northern Rivers community who were impacted by major flood events. StandbyU shields given by Bendigo Bank and launched by Federal Minister Justine Elliot.

New opportunity : passion for peace and reconciliation

A new sponsored Fellowship is being offered this year, to honour the late Barbara Dunstan, which encourages projects that focus on the themes of peace and reconciliation

Time to embrace slow fashion : new report

Brisbane based Jane Milburn is asking us to think about the way we dress, encouraging people to move away from fast fashion and dress for health, wellbeing and sustainability.

Stepping up footwear industry in Australia

Queensland bootmaker Jennifer Harper Burnett travelled to Europe, Canada and the United States to investigate footwear design and manufacture techniques, including 3D printing of footwear.

Rewatch our latest information sessions

Missed out on our latest information session? No worries! Re-watch here on our Youtube channel with guest speakers sharing valuable insights on Churchill Fellowships. 

Cricket bat making with Lachlan Fisher

Churchill Fellow Lachlan Fisher talks about cricket bat willow and how he brought his overseas knowledge home to Australia.

Australia's first mall shopfront with world-leading technology to protect people from family violence

Churchill Fellow Chris Boyle has recently partnered with Scentre Group - owners of Westfield to provide a StandbyU space in Westfield Helensvale to deliver an all-inclusive, walk-in support service for anyone experiencing family violence, abuse or isolation.

Congratulations to our 2023 Australia Day award recipients

Congratulations to our 10 Churchill Fellows; our Patron Professor Tom Calma, our Life Member, and Selection panel member who were all recognised on the 2023 Australia Day Honours list.

Applications for the 2023 Churchill Fellowship round are opening soon

To inspire your application for the 2023 Churchill Fellowship round, you’re invited to attend online live information sessions throughout February 2023.

Summer reading list: Churchill Fellow reports 2022

Catch up on your summer reading and check out our Churchill Fellow reports for 2022. Report topics include: domestic violence, yoga for dementia, outlaw motorcycle gangs, Indigenous rural fire services, zoo visits, German violins, upcycling of textiles, drug-checking, poverty and human rights, 3D footware printing, paediatric palliative care, autism, and social inclusion  just to name a few.

Keep your wig on - Churchill Fellow learns from James Bond & Hobbit Film studios

Selena Pertzel, a hair and makeup artist from Victoria has recently returned from her travel overseas to learn the latest techniques in wig and facial hair making, fitting and dressing. Already having worked on feature films Kong: Skull Island, Mortal Kombat and Elvis, Selena knew she had more to learn from around the world.

It's a wrap! - 2022

It’s a wrap! We have now welcomed 84 new Churchill Fellows and 25 Churchill Medallions, awarded at Government House ceremonies across 7 states and territories (plus Norfolk Island). We are so excited to follow our Fellow’s journeys as they learn globally and inspire locally. Thinking about applying for a Churchill Fellowship? Applications open 1 March 2023.

Congratulations to the 2022 Norfolk Island Churchill Fellows

On Monday 5 December, an awards ceremony was held at Government House Norfolk Island with the CEO of the Winston Churchill Trust and Assistant Administrator of Norfolk Island. The ceremony was to award new Churchill Fellowships and Medallions to Norfolk Islanders who have been driving change in their areas of passion.

Who doesn't love berries?

Who doesn’t love berries? One of our Churchill Fellows, Stuart McGruddy’s latest sustainably sourced product has hit shelves nationwide, dubbed “the popcorn of fruit.” Stuart has been sponsored by Hort Innovation for his Churchill Fellowship to travel to the USA, France, Chile and Serbia

International Day of People with Disability 2023

On this International Day of People with Disability, we are proud to congratulate and introduce our new Fellows who will be working in ground-breaking areas of disability and inclusion. Our Fellows represent the spectrum of disabilities from blindness, deafness and other physical disabilities, to cognitive impairments and neurodiversity.

Congratulations to the 2022 VIC Fellows

Congratulations to the 2022 Churchill Fellows from Victoria, presented to the Governor of VIC. These Fellows are investigating a range of issues: First Nations Deaf people, dementia friendly ambulances, high-risk children, racism, brandy production, French charcuterie and much more

Congratulations to the 2022 NT Fellows

Congratulations to our 2022 Churchill Fellows from the Northern Territory, presented to the Administrator of the NT. These Fellows are looking into topics including: environmental regulation, endangered basketry, health literacy, and tropical dye plants.

Churchill Fellows gather for annual summit at Australian Parliament House

Today at Australian Parliament House, some of Australia’s brightest minds have converged on the nation’s capital for this year’s annual Churchill Policy Room gathering to explore some of the great challenges facing the country.

Annual Churchill Policy Room event

On Wednesday 30 November 2022, some of Australia’s brightest minds converged on the nation’s capital at Australian Parliament House for this year’s annual Churchill Policy Room to explore some of the great challenges facing the country.

Congratulations to the WA 2022 Fellows

Congratulating our 2022 WA Churchill Fellows presented to the Governor of WA. These new Fellows are looking at topics such as: children’s books to disrupt prejudice and discrimination, water recycling, mental health, robotics and tele-rehabilitation in children to name just a few.

Congratulations to the 2022 TAS Fellows

Congratulations to the 2022 Churchill Fellow recipients from Tasmania, presented to the Governor of Tasmania. Our new TAS Churchill Fellows are investigating a range of issues including: multi-trophic aquaculture and Tasmanian salmon farms,  design and hospital emergency departments, family reunification legal frameworks for refugees separated by conflict, Tasmanian aged care.

Congratulations to the 2022 ACT Fellows

We are pleased to congratulate the 2022 Churchill Fellow recipients from the ACT, presented to the Governor-General and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley. These Fellows are investigating: urban landscape biodiversity, low vision and telescopic glasses driving, in-hospital support for families experiencing pregnancy loss, stability in child protection, and ADHD in adults.

Congratulations to the 2022 QLD Fellows

Congratulations to the 2022 Churchill Fellow recipients from Queensland (QLD), presented the Governor of QLD. These Fellows are investigating topics such as: youth gangs, First Nations and child protection, veteran family care, upcycled food, care for young people with cancer, Japanese handcrafted footwear, and improving public transport.

Congratulations to the 2022 SA Fellows

We are pleased to congratulate the 2022 Churchill Fellow recipients from South Australia, presented to Her Excellency Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of SA. These Fellows are investigating topics such as youth mental health, spin/brain injury biomechanics, and pulse proteins to name a few.

We remember Rear Admiral Ian Richards AO RAN

We remember Rear Admiral Ian Richards, the third CEO of the Churchill Trust, serving in that role from 1984 to 2000. Ian was appointed a life member of the Trust in 1998.

Inaugural Saskia Beer Churchill Fellow to learn ‘art I never want to die out’

Sascha Randle, who has been cooking for 25 years, has been awarded the inaugural Saskia Beer Churchill Fellowship which honours the memory of the late daughter of Australian culinary legends Colin and Maggie Beer, who approached the Churchill Trust to establish a perpetual legacy to Saskia after she passed away in 2020.

Toxic drinking water in First Nations’ communities - new report to close the gap

Whether you live in Sydney, Shepparton or Yuendumu, a minimum quality standard should be met for drinking water. That’s currently not the case, with some First Nations’ communities’ drinking water having levels of uranium, arsenic, fluoride and nitrate that are above levels of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, particularly in remote areas. More than 500 First Nations’ communities do not have regular water quality testing. These facts were highlighted this week by Churchill Fellow Eric Vanweydeveld who launched his new report recommending ways to improve water services to First Nations’ remote communities.

South Australian investigates innovative techniques to outlaw Motorcycle gangs

Kylee von Ohle, a Detective Sergeant within the South Australian Police recently headed to the United States of America to collect information on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and to research innovative investigative techniques used by other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Congratulations to the 2022 NSW Fellows

We are pleased to congratulate the 2022 Churchill Fellow recipients from NSW, presented to Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales.

Tasmanian set to redesign aged care models

Peter Williams, Tasmanian health care professional of 30 years is heading to Japan, England and Ireland to explore innovative home care and community care models that embrace and celebrate the gift of ageing.

Art and conservation with Jasmine Jan

Churchill Fellow Jasmine Jan talks about her journey with art and conservation, and the impact of art in building healthy communities.

Contemporary chair design with Evan Dunstone

Churchill Fellow Evan Dunstone shares his journey to becoming a creator of fine Australian furniture, and his experience as a Churchill Fellow.

Anti-poverty week - launch of new report

National Anti-Poverty Week is marked by the launch of new report into homelessness and poverty discrimination law frameworks around the world by Churchill Fellow, Farzana Choudhury.

New report to combat Indigenous overrepresentation in criminal justice

Carly Stanley from Sydney has just released her new Churchill Fellowship report into community-led responses and innovative approaches to combat overrepresentation of First Nations people in the Australian criminal justice system.

Saddened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's passing today

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is saddened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's passing today, reflecting on the strong and important links between Her Majesty and Sir Winston.

Opera for young regional Australia - from the Outback to the world

Petah Cavallaro, from remote regional Queensland has her sights set on igniting a passion for music and opera among young regional Australians.


The Churchill Trust was saddened by the news of the death of Sir David Iser Smith, Life Member of the Trust. Sir David was a Director of the Trust and ACT Selection Committee Chair from 1 January 1999 to 31 December 2013. Sir David was made a Life Member of the Trust in 2014. 

Young Aussie Astronauts wanted for virtual space challenge - addressing STEM skills shortage

Churchill Fellow, Ben Newsome is contributing to this year’s Australian Virtual Astronaut Challenge, based on real scenarios facing NASA’s Artemis and the Australian space industry, free for all Australian students Years 5 – 10.

Indigenous women Straight Talking with politicians at Australian Parliament House

Churchill Fellow Michelle Deshong is facilitating Straight Talk, for the first time being held at Australian Parliament House in its ten years.

South Australian Firey at the front to learn from the world's best

Haydn McComas, a volunteer fire fighter from South Australia is heading to France, Denmark, Canada, US, and New Zealand to investigate how other nations support volunteer firefighters.

Venom for bio-applications - snake, jellyfish, scorpion & sea anemones - Queenslander to learn from overseas

Venom and its bio-applications are being investigated by Dr Michela Mitchell from Northern Queensland who sets off overseas for her Winston Churchill Fellowship to visit Belgium, Denmark, France, UK and the US.

New drug-checking techniques for Australia; learning from Europe

Associate Professor Malcolm McLeod is currently visiting leading drug checking services in the Netherlands, Portugal and Austria as part of his Winston Churchill Fellowship.

Global food insecurity points to Urban food farms

Fiona Buining is travelling to Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA to investigate urban farm ventures that provide vocational pathways for aspiring food growers.

Australia's hydrogen energy future in South Korea & US

Fellow Dr Steven Percy is travelling to the US and South Korea to understand the role of hydrogen in Australia's energy future.

Urging action on plastics crisis - Plastic Free July

Churchill Fellow Rebecca Prince-Ruiz says “we’re inviting every Australian to take part, even if you do just one thing like switching from single-use coffee cups (which are lined with plastic) and bring your own reusable cup. Invite your local representative: Mayor, State/Territory and Federal MPs to join you. Together we can make a difference.”

Churchill Fellows recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours list

Congratulations to the nine Churchill Fellows recognised on the 2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours list!

National Portrait Gallery partnership

The Trust is delighted to announce a new visual arts partnership with the National Portrait Gallery. The partnership is being launched in conjunction with the Shakespeare to Winehouse exhibition that includes an informal portrait of Sir Winston Churchill.

Yellow Edge in association with the Churchill Trust presents The Wayfinder podcast

The Wayfinder podcast series explores the often winding paths of how Churchill Fellows came to their professions and catalogs the trials and tribulations faced along the way.

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

The Churchill Trust have reached an important milestone in our reconciliation journey with the launch of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, through which we extend our commitment to meaningful engagement with First Peoples.

Doors open again for Churchill Fellowships

The Churchill Trust plans to select around 100 people from diverse walks of life to undertake projects in 2023.

Churchill Trust partners with AIATSIS for Indigenous podcast exploring First Nations influence

Voices of Power podcast series speaks to First Nations influences and what a strong future should look like.

2022 Australia Day Honours

Ten Churchill Fellows and previous Churchill Trust Board Director were recognised on the 2022 Australia Day Honours list.

Announcing the new Saskia Beer Churchill Fellowship

The Churchill Trust is proud to announce a new Churchill Fellowship will be offered to honour the memory and legacy of the late Saskia Beer, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Maggie and Colin Beer.

Vale Peter Cundall CF 1927 – 2021

The loss of Peter’s warmth will be felt by all who had the pleasure of knowing him personally and from a far. Peter's Fellowship was to study modern developments in the presentation of television programmes, more particularly in respect of garden cultivation and design techniques.

Policy Impact Program Fellows Announced 2021-22

The Winston Churchill Trust (Trust) and the Centre for Policy Futures at the University of Queensland (UQ) are very pleased to announce the Policy Impact Program Fellows for 2021-22.

Reflections on the 2021 VGLP

Nine Churchill Fellows were selected to attend 2021 Virtual Global Leadership Practices Program.

RSA Partnership Launch

The Churchill Trust is excited to announce our new partnership with The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

Apply now for the 2021-22 Policy Impact Program

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Policy Impact Program (PIP) and flagship publication Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda, The Winston Churchill Trust and the Centre for Policy Futures at The University of Queensland are delighted to now open applications for PIP 2021-22.

2021 Virtual Global Leadership Practices Program

We are excited to announce that we are offering six Churchill Fellows the opportunity to virtually visit Singapore, USA, New Zealand, India, UK and Japan as participants in the 2021 Global Leadership Practices Program to be held in September. Apply now...

2021 Recognition Awards

The Churchill Trust Board continues to recognise outstanding contributions by Churchill Fellows to their CFAs and to the Trust. For the second year, the Recognition Award was presented to seven outstanding Churchill Fellows.

2021 National Convention of Churchill Fellows: A Changing World

Register to attend the Convention by 31 August to take advantage of the early bird registration fee. #NCCF2021 provides you with the chance to gain a unique and enlightening perspective of Brisbane and Queensland, through the brilliant work of our inspiring Churchill Fellows.

Churchill Fellows recognised in Queen's Birthday Awards 2021

18 Churchill Fellows recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours list

World Oceans Day with Joanne Lane CF

We speak with Churchill Fellow and kelp farmer Joanne Lane for World Oceans Day.

New Cold Case Homicide Hub launched in Victoria

The Hub is based on a model used by the Toronto Police Service in Canada, which Homicide Squad Officer in Charge Detective Inspector Tim Day observed first-hand during his 2018 Churchill Fellowship. 

Courage through Change: Best and brightest gather to 'future proof' Australia

A select group of the nation’s leading Churchill Fellows have been invited to pool their creative minds, share their expertise and help lead Australia towards a fair, just and inclusive society and guide the nation’s COVID recovery.

The Inaugural Churchill Policy Room event

On Monday 15 March the Trust held the inaugural ‘Churchill Policy Room’ event at Parliament House in Canberra to share the expertise and recommendations of the Churchill Fellows who were selected to participate in our Policy Impact Program.

International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day we spoke to four Churchill Fellows who work to help forge positive change for women.

2021 Australia Day Honours

Four Churchill Fellows were recognised on the 2021 Australia Day Honours list!

The story behind our Medallions

Fellow Wojciech Pietranik is a Polish artist and sculptor known for his masterful production of coins, medals and medallions.

Inspiring people, inspiring conservation…and snot otters

Congratulations to SA 2018 Churchill Fellow Nick Whiterod, who delivered a rich and entertaining presentation on his Fellowship, as one might expect given its intriguing title, at the Payneham Library in Adelaide on Saturday 14 November.

World Toilet Day with CF Katherine Webber

To celebrate World Toilet Day we speak with toilet advocate and Churchill Fellow Katherine Webber.

2020 Churchill Fellowship Award Recipients Announced

One hundred and twelve positive and determined Australians are now the proud recipients of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship. This award offers them a life-changing opportunity to meet and work with leaders of influence around the world to gain and exchange knowledge as well as experience for the betterment of themselves, their industry, their community, and Australia.

Mental health conversations with CF Greg Dean

Churchill Fellow and Station Commander Greg Dean about how emergency services all over the world are in this fight for good mental health

Global Leadership Practices Program

We are excited to announce that we are offering four Churchill Fellows the opportunity to virtually visit Singapore, the United States of America, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom as participants in the prestigious 2020 Global Leadership Practices Program. Apply now...

International Dog Day with CF Julie Morrison

This week we celebrated International Dog Day, and to celebrate we spoke with Churchill Fellow Julie Morrison about her work with our furry friends.

Podcast: Helping your kids stay mentally healthy

2019 Churchill Fellowship recipient Dr Billy Garvey speaks to Jo Stanley about keeping kids mentally healthy in this new Mum + One podcast.

Announcing New Patron of the Winston Churchill Trust

To coincide with National Reconciliation Week, we are very pleased to announce that Professor Tom Calma AO, Chancellor of the University of Canberra, has accepted the position of Patron of the Winston Churchill Trust. 

2020 Policy Impact Program Fellows

The Winston Churchill Trust and the Centre for Policy Futures at the University of Queensland are very pleased to announce the inaugural Policy Impact Program Fellows for 2020.

Arising From Disruption

In a creative response to the changes that the coronavirus has thrust upon us, Queensland Fellow, Jane Milburn, has pivoted her plans to undertake a Virtual Churchill and is now using technology to meet people online and share their stories of adaptation, resourcefulness and self-sufficiency.

Tips for completing your application on time

Despite the many challenges and limitations the COVID-19 pandemic is placing upon all of us, we are pleased to advise that the application process for the 2020 Churchill Fellowships remains unchanged. 

Congratulations to the Jack Brockhoff Foundation for 40 Years

Congratulations to the Jack Brockhoff Foundation on 40 years of Contributions to the Community.

Vale Churchill Fellow Dr Brian Wilson

The Trust is deeply saddened by the death of 1966 Churchill Fellow Dr Brian Wilson.  Brian’s first involvement with the Trust came when he and his son knocked on doors on Churchill Appeal Sunday, 28 February 1965, for the fundraising campaign to establish the Churchill Trust.

Vale Emeritus Professor Ray Martin 1926-2020

Raymond Martin (Ray) was well respected for his friendly, engaging personality but also his strong determination to maintain excellence and objectivity. Churchill Trust National President Elizabeth Alexander, speaking at a Board dinner, said ‘Professor Martin gave over 23 years of dedicated and passionate service to the Churchill Trust in a number of appointments, including that of National Chairman and President. … We will miss his wise contribution to the affairs of the Trust.’

RACA hosts a "Tour of England’s Great Coachbuilding Workshops"

Congratulations to recently returned NSW Fellow and coachbuilder Robert Siemsen for his enterprising spirit and initiative in sharing his Fellowship findings in presentation and exhibition at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia (RACA) in February. The Trust also extends their gratitude to the RACA for their generous support in hosting and supporting Robert.

Supercharged Fellowship opportunity for aspiring agricultural leaders

The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (The Trust) have joined forces to provide an exciting opportunity for two aspiring agricultural leaders.

Vale Churchill Fellow Milton (Mick) March 1929-2020

The Trust is saddened by the news of the death of Dr Milton (Mick) March, 1969 Churchill Fellow who devoted many years to serving the Trust and the educational community of the ACT.

Travel overseas to drive change in the Australian automotive sector

“My Churchill Fellowship gave me unmeasurable inspiration to what is possible when working with motor cars. To restore or manufacture car bodies is an incredibly tough industry and one that requires more than just hard work. To see the results achieved by tradesman who are passionate and loyal to superior craftmanship is something that I will always hold dear,” says Robert Siemsen, 2018 Churchill Fellow.

Applications now open for award allowing everyday Australians to learn globally and inspire locally

Australians from all walks of life are being encouraged to apply for an award, which offers a life-changing opportunity to travel overseas and investigate a topic or issue they are passionate about.

Exploring ways to reduce implicit bias errors in police decision making

Police officer and 2018 Churchill Fellow Courtney Brown, recently returned from the United States, Canada, England and New Zealand, where she researched ways of reducing implicit bias errors in police decision making, particularly during time-sensitive incidents.

Gaining new perspectives on the India GLP Program

In 2019, two Churchill Fellows were given an opportunity to participate in the Global Leadership Practices (GLP) Program, a leadership development program made possible by our partnership with Yellow Edge.

2020 Australia Day Honours

We would like to congratulate the 6 Churchill Fellows recognised on the 2020 Australia Day Honours list!

WCMT Recognition Award

The Board of the Trust has created a new annual award to recognise outstanding contributions of Churchill Fellows to their CFAs and to the Trust. The inaugural Recognition Award was recently presented to six Churchill Fellows who were nominated by their state or territory's Churchill Fellows Association.

Churchill Fellows Findings in 2019

In 2019 we received 107 Churchill Fellowship reports exploring a wide range of issues, from increasing accesibility to public toilets to designing child-friendly high density neighbourhoods. Below is a complete list of Fellowship reports published on our website this year, grouped by different subject areas.

Hort Innovation Churchill Fellow Belinda Hazell shares her Fellowship experience

Hort Innovation Churchill Fellow Belinda Hazell shares her Fellowship experience

Strengthen your influence through the Policy Impact Program

We are partnering with University of Queensland to increase the impact of Churchill Fellows and their findings through a new Policy Impact Program (PIP). Apply now

Improving the uptake of home-based dialysis therapies in Australia

We caught up with 2012 Churchill Fellow Josephine Chow to find out about her Fellowship investigation into improving the uptake of home-based dialysis therapies and the impact her research has had in Australia.

Celebrating Collaboration and Achievement in the SA Food Industry

We are very pleased to announce that Paul Triglau has been awarded the 2019 Dr Susan V Nelle Churchill Fellowship to travel to Italy to refine his skills in artisan baking/patisserie. On his return, Paul plans to establish an Italian bakery course at TAFE SA to share his knowledge and enrich South Australia's food industry.

Sensory Places in Well Designed Spaces

Four Fellows presented to senior decision makers at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services on the topic of ’Sensory Places in Well Designed Spaces’.

Equipping teenagers with lifelong financial skills

Financial coach and Educator Phil McGilvray and 2018 Park Family Churchill Fellow, recently returned from USA, Canada and UK, where he examined innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financials skills for life.

Artisan cheese making and education in Australia

We caught up with 2015 Churchill Fellow Gina Dal Santo to find out about her Fellowship investigation and how she is making an impact at the TAFE SA Artisan Cheese Making Academy.

A global analysis of cannabis cultivation

Thomas Forrest, Director of Indicated Technology Pty Ltd and 2018 Churchill Fellow, recently returned from Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia and Italy where he investigated cannabis agronomic practices in order to provide this information to our emerging medicinal cannabis industry.

NT Police officer named as ANZSOG Indigenous Churchill Fellowship recipient

ANZSOG’s inaugural Indigenous Churchill Fellowship recipient has been announced as Alphonsus Shields, an Alice Springs-based Senior Constable and General Duties Policeman in the Northern Territory Police.

Announcing the 2019 Churchill Fellowship Award Recipients

115 visionary Australians will travel to countries around the world in 2020 as Churchill Fellowship recipients.

Churchill Fellowship for Tumut playwright

TUMUT playwright Michael McSweeney's head is still spinning after he was awarded a Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship.

Churchill Fellow investigates low-cost innovative water treatment solutions for regional and remote Australia

Water Treatment Engineer Eric Vanweydeveld travelled to Oman, the UAE and Israel.

Churchill Fellow explores accessibility to public toilets and inclusion

Churchill Fellow Katherine Webber travelled to the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands and Germany, where she researched taboos, design, policy and legal barriers regarding access and inclusion to public toilets.

Two not-for-profit leaders chosen for Community Sector Banking’s sponsored Churchill Fellowships

Cara Peek of Western Australia and Jan Maggacis of Queensland have received the CSB sponsored Fellowships

Leading the way in Legionella detection and control

Kelvin Slade, a Churchill Fellow, owner of Slade Bros Plumbing in Brisbane has developed the first Legionella Awareness course, delivering a train the trainer model throughout Australia.

Resources to support the psychological wellbeing of young adult cancer patients now a priority in Australia

Tessa Neilson recently returned from her Fellowship to investigate resources that exist to support the psychological wellbeing of young adult cancer patients

Pioneering Flood-Resilient Housing in Australia

We caught up with 2012 Churchill Fellow James Davidson to find out about his Fellowship investigation into designing flood-resilient housing and the impact his research has had on building design for parts of Australia affected by floods.

Vale Chief Commissioner Sinclair Imrie “Mick” Miller 1926-2019

Mick was the first police officer to receive a Churchill Fellowship in 1967

William (Robert) Beggs AM 1934-2019

The Trust is saddened to hear of the passing of Mr Robert Beggs, who devoted many years to serving the Trust and the agricultural community of Victoria.

Creating close partnerships with and jobs for traditional owners in fire and land management

Scott Falconer's Fellowship aimed to see how other jurisdictions were working with Traditional Owners to return Cultural Burning to Country in the United States and Canada

Exploring safer pathways for refugees and asylum seekers

What if instead of just deterring people from coming the “wrong way”, we invested in alternative pathways for refugees to get to Australia safely?

Making the most of citizen-science to conserve our avian biodiversity

Churchill Fellow William Feeney's Fellowship set out to build a citizen-science program for understanding and conserving Queensland's unique avian biodiversity.

Newly Commissioned Artwork "Journey's Connections"

We are very pleased to announce and showcase a new digital artwork by 2018 Churchill Fellow and Aboriginal artist Susan Betts. Commissioned by the Churchill Trust, Susan's work titled ‘Journey’s Connections’ is a contemporary design with an accompanying story.

2019 Global Leadership Practices Program Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Stephen Geason (2015) and Sam Bayley (2013) are the two Fellows selected to take part in the 2019 GLP Program.

Is there more Australia could be doing to reduce food waste?

Churchill Fellow Sarah May's Fellowship set out to research international models for reducing food waste.

Voice - Treaty - Truth... Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2019

Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2019

Instrumental moves to conserve Australia's historic keyboards

Churchill Fellow Paul Tunzi's Fellowship set out to investigate advanced conservation techniques and the maintenance of historical keyboard instruments.

Churchill Fellows recognised in Queen's Birthday Awards 2019

We would like to congratulate the 9 Churchill Fellows recognised on the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours list!

One Churchill Fellow's Reconciliation celebration

In honour of National Reconciliation week

Walking Together Towards National Reconciliation

With National Reconciliation Week approaching (May 27 – June 3), and this year's theme of 'Grounded in Truth - Walk Together with Courage', we would like to share some of the steps we have taken at the Churchill Trust over the past year towards an equitable and unified future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community.


A lifetime member of the Trust since 1994 and its Patron since 2001, Sir Rupert contributed his energy and talents to its various aspects during his Directorship of the New South Wales Regional Committee from 1975 to 1984 and as Deputy National Chair from 1985 to 1992, as a Life Member of the Trust since 1994 and its Patron since 2000.

Tips to complete your application on time

With the closing date to apply for a 2019 Churchill Fellowship fast approaching, we would like to provide you with some advice to make your journey to the finish of the application phase as easy and comfortable as possible!

Leilani Bin-Juda reflects on her Churchill journey

In support of two new Sponsored Churchill Fellowships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in 2019 (ANZSOG and CSB) and on being awarded a 2019 Australia Day Public Service Medal, Leilani Bin-Juda reflects on her Churchill Fellowship journey, one that began twenty years ago.

A whole is greater than the sum of its parts

A group of Churchill Fellows who are actively involved in the field of social work recently established the Churchill Fellows in Social Work community of practice.

2019 National Convention of Churchill Fellows | Tasmania

Forty-seven Tasmanian Fellows participated over the three days (5 - 7 April 2019) giving presentations, taking tours and assisting with the organisation of the Convention.

Jo Cruickshank shares her Fellowship experience

Jo Cruickshank shares her Fellowship experience in support of the NEW Auto Skills Australia Churchill Fellowships

The Colonial Fantasy: Why white Australia can’t solve black problems

New book released on 1 April by Churchill Fellow Sarah Maddison argues that white Australia can’t solve black problems because white Australia is the problem!

Finding the Art in Automotive

The Churchill Trust is please to share a new video Fellowship Report from Churchill Fellow Kip McIntyre, produced in collaboration with 2009 Churchill Fellow Matthew Blyth and Alaneo Goor of Millstream Productions. Kip received the 2016 James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and master the rare craft of traditional restoration in coach-building and panel beating, travelling to the USA, the UK, Italy and Germany.

Prestigious award to offer knowledge boost for the Not-for-Profit Sector

Leaders in the not-for-profit sector are being encouraged to apply for the new Community Sector Banking Churchill Fellowships that will see them travel the world to observe leading practice and develop new networks. The opportunity to then apply the learnings in a local context could reap big rewards for the sector here in Australia.

New Fellowships Launched at the ANZSOG Conference

A significant cohort of Churchill Fellows recently attended the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) Indigenous Affairs Conference Reimagining Public Administration: First Peoples, governance and new paradigms in Melbourne on 20-21 February, where the new ANZSOG Churchill Fellowships were also officially launched.

Churchill Fellows Findings in 2019 | First Quarter

Find out what knowledge Fellows have brought back to Australia in the first quarter of 2019 - a full list of Fellowship reports submitted.

ANZSOG announces sponsorship of Churchill Fellowships for Indigenous public servants

ANZSOG is sponsoring two new Churchill Fellowships in 2019 to build Indigenous leadership in the Australian and NZ public services

New Fellowship award to drive change in the Australian automotive sector

New Auto Skills Churchill Fellowships will be awarded in 2019 for projects that support the future success of the Australian automotive sector

New Fellowship available for award in honour of Dr Susan V Nelle

The Dr Susan Nelle Churchill Fellowship offers South Australian's a special opportunity to travel the world to advance the food and beverage industry in Australia.

2019 Australia Day Honours

We would like to congratulate the 17 Churchill Fellows recognised on the 2019 Australia Day Honours list!

Cultivating Innovation in Australian Horticulture

Our partnership with Hort Innovation continues in 2019 with three Fellowships available for award.

2018 Global Leadership Practices Program

In 2018, three Churchill Fellows participated in the Global Leadership Practices Program which took them to India and China. Fiona, Tony and Emma share their experience.

Because of her we can! Celebrating NAIDOC Week

As pillars of our society, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have played – and continue to play - active and significant roles at the community, local, state and national levels.
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