Dr Sarah Mould’s Churchill Fellowship aims to investigate and evaluate the different engagement strategies being used in these jurisdictions. It will offer a ‘sneak peak’ as to some of the key strategies and practical Australian parliaments can take to empower young Australians to participate in our parliamentary lawmaking process.

The presentation will also encourage audience members to share their thoughts on this topic and ‘test run’ some of the engagement tools encountered and collected during the fellowship.

Dr Mould is a senior lecturer in law at UNISA: Justice + Society and co-founder of the Rights Resource Network SA.  She is passionate about parliaments and connecting citizens and communities with law makers, and her most recent book Committees of Influence explores the important role parliamentary committees play in rights protection in Australia.

Dr Moulds has been actively engaged in local, national and international conversations about emergency law-making in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role parliaments can and should play in holding government’s to account.  In 2022 Dr Moulds was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to explore how to empower young people to engage effectively with Australian parliaments.

Dr Moulds’ career has a strong law reform focus and includes seven years at the Law Council of Australia including as Director of Criminal Law and Human Rights, and more recently as a Senior Project Officer at the South Australian Law Reform Institute.

She is a member of a range of professional and community bodies seeking to make a positive difference to the law and lawmaking in Australia.

In 2019, Dr Moulds’ PhD Thesis was awarded the University of Adelaide’s 2018 Doctoral Research Medal. She also holds a Masters of Comparative Law, Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of International Studies.

View Sarah’s project here

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