Sir Winston Churchill Rose 'Botanic Plate' Limited Edition Print

200.00 AUD

Drawn from life, sketched in pencil, 1988 Churchill Fellow Gilbert Dashorst used three Windsor and Newton gouache colours – Bengal Rose, Peacock Blue and Brilliant Yellow – to capture the rose accurately from nature. Gilbert’s detailed pencil enlargements show parts of the plant that may not be usually seen, but are important in identifying the species (juvenile leaf, adult leaf, flower dissections, fruit dissections and seeds). The botanical description refers to the Family name, genus and common name, along with the name of the person who named the plant. Cv is short for ‘cultivar’ and means the plant was developed by a plant breeder. At the bottom of the illustration you can see the word ‘del’, of Latin derivation and shorthand for the word ‘delineate’, which means ‘to draw’. A strictly limited hand numbered edition of 100 prints on archival paper are available for purchase as part of a special limited-edition print run as a fundraiser for the Churchill Fellows Association of South Australia. All money raised will help to fund the Churchill Fellows Association of South Australia sponsored Fellowship. Gilbert’s original botanical painting of the ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ rose is publicly displayed at Churchill House in Canberra.