2019 Sponsored Fellowships

All Fellowship applicants are automatically considered for a general Churchill Fellowship, however you can now also indicate your interest in being considered for a Sponsored Fellowship within the Online Application Form.

A Sponsored Fellowship offers the dual benefit of representing the Churchill Trust and the sponsor and can provide a higher level of visibility and credibility. The high regard for the sponsor can also increase the opportunity to share your Fellowship findings with the Australian community.



ANZSOG To Investigate First Peoples' Public Sector Practices Leading To Positive Outcomes For Indigenous Communities Nationally
Auto Skills Australia To Increase Industry Expertise And Knowledge For The Benefit Of The Automotive Sector In Australia Nationally
AV Jennings To Investigate Domestic Architecture, Building And Planning Nationally
Blakeney Millar Foundation The Benefit Of Tumut And Its Environs NSW
Bob and June Prickett An Issue Related To The Health Of Australians Nationally
Bob and June Prickett To Examine Methods Which Mitigate The Impact Of Natural Disasters Such As Fire, Flood And Cyclones On The Australian Community Nationally
Bob and June Prickett Excellence In Visual Arts Nationally
Churchill Fellows' Association (CFA) of NSW For A Person Working As A Volunteer Within A Recognised Volunteer Agency/Organisation Whose Research Will Have A Positive Impact On Volunteering Or Volunteers Within The Broader Australian Community NSW
Community Sector Banking To Identify Successful Approaches To Developing Leadership, People And Culture That Position The Not-For-Profit Sector For Future Challenges. Nationally
Community Sector Banking For Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People To Investigate Ways In Which Relationships Between Indigenous Peoples And Communities And The Not-For-Profit Sector Can Be Mutually Beneficial Nationally
Dame Roma Mitchell Excellence In The Performing Arts Nationally
WA Department of Communities To support individuals and families to lead their best lives with a focus on integrated service delivery models involving local solutions that build on earlier intervention and people's strengths WA
Department of Health To Investigate Strategies That Have Been Implemented Successfully To Drive Interoperability Of Data Between Healthcare Systems Nationally
Donald Mackay Countering Organised Crime Nationally
Dr Dorothea Sandars Medical/Veterinary Parasitology Or Parkinson's Disease, Or Advances In Medicine In General Nationally
Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Enhancement Of The Delivery Of Palliative Care Nationally
Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Excellency In The Field Of Ophthalmology Nationally
Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee To Investigate An Issue In The Field Of Marine Science Nationally
Dr Iain C Medgett Study Of Classical Strings Nationally
Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan and Dame Joyce Daws To Investigate An Issue Related To Medical Surgery, Including Surgical Nursing Nationally
Dr Susan V Nelle To Investigate Innovative Ways To Advance Our Food And Beverage Industry SA
Gallaugher Bequest In Education Or A Project With A Tasmanian Focus TAS
Gilbert Spottiswood Subjects Related To The Theatre Nationally
Hort Innovation To Cultivate New Ideas In Horticulture Nationally
Jack Brockhoff Foundation Research For The Benefit Of Rural Or Regional Areas In Social Disadvantage, Including Disability, Or In Health And Medical Practice VIC
Jack Green The Dairy Industry Nationally
James Love In Any Field QLD
Lamington National Park  National Parks, Nature Conservation And The Environment Nationally
Leslie (Les) J Fleming Oncology And Cancer Research Nationally
Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal Ways To Combat And Reduce The Impact Of Bushfires Nationally
MPST Foundation To Advance Education In Medicine And To Advance Health In Tasmania TAS
Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) School And/Or Pre-School Education NSW
NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust For Contributions To Research And/Or Policies Leading To A Reduction In Deaths And Suffering Caused By Road Crashes, From Any Perspective, Including Education, Health, Engineering, Regulation And Administration ACT
Park Family To Study An Aspect Of Education And/Or Vocational Training Nationally
Paul Tys Any Topic Nationally
Peter Mitchell For Male And Female Applicants Under 30 Years In Any Field Nationally
Ron Badman Family An Aspect Of Agriculture With A Focus On Seed Production, Pasture Development And Irrigation Nationally
Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Tropical Pastoral Industry QLD
Sir William Kilpatrick Health Or Social Welfare VIC
Stuart and Norma Leslie Performance Excellence In The Arts Nationally