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Mr Paul Tys CSC, was the CEO of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for sixteen years from 2000 to 2016.

Paul was a retired Brigadier when he was appointed CEO and under his stewardship 1,837 Churchill Fellowships were awarded by the Board. This number is almost half the 4,000 Fellowships which were awarded since the Trust was established in 1965.

It is fair to say, therefore, that Paul has had close involvement with the selection of half of all Australian Fellows from 1965 to 2016.

During his sixteen years as CEO Paul attended over 3,000 individual interviews spread over one hundred interview sessions many lasting over two days. From these figures it is obvious that Paul was totally immersed in the selection of Churchill Fellows. He regarded the selection process as the most enjoyable and important part of his time as CEO.

Paul's participation in the selection process around Australia has brought a level of uniformity and transparency to that selection, particularly with respect to the sponsored Fellowships.

Paul rapidly realised that the Churchill alumnae were an untapped resource and one of his great enduring legacies has been the reconciliation and alignment of the Churchill Fellows' Associations with the objectives of the Trust.

Paul's nurturing of the Trust's sponsors has made a measurable contribution to the Trust's ability to award more Fellowships and to the Trust's investment corpus which generates the Trust's income.

On his retirement as CEO, the Chair of the Trust, The Honourable Margaret White AO, said that Paul had done more to put Winston Churchill into the forefront of Australian lives than any other person.

Paul's achievements for the Trust have been many and so the Board decided to name a perpetual Fellowship in his honour when he retired as CEO.

Paul's father was a 1970 ACT Churchill Fellow.

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Susan Carland, Susan 2019 Defence And Security
Geoffrey Rowe, Geoffrey 2018 Health And Medicine
Sarah Jamieson, Sarah 2017 Health And Medicine
Zack Bryers, Zack 2016 Social Welfare