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The WA Department of Health Churchill Fellowship to improve the Sustainability of Health Care in Western Australia

The Western Australian Department of Health is sponsoring a new Churchill Fellowship in 2020

This Fellowship provides an opportunity for an employee working within the Western Australian health sector to spend 4-8 weeks overseas; gain insights into the practices of their peers working in international jurisdictions; and to return with new knowledge that will support implementation of the Sustainable Health Review recommendations.

To truly address sustainability, Western Australia is expanding its definition of healthcare and acknowledges that the WA health system extends beyond hospitals, and is strongly interdependent with primary care and a wide range of health and social care services.

Courage, collaboration and system thinking are needed to change how health care is delivered in WA for a healthier, more sustainable future.

We invite applicants to submit projects that will inform the Sustainable Health Review Implementation Plan. This may include investigating the successes, learnings and outcomes of large and complex system reform and transformation in other jurisdictions; or exploring examples of collaboration between public, private and community stakeholders on major reform initiatives.

Ideally, projects will align with one or more of the Sustainable Health Review’s eight enduring strategies for change:

  1. Commit and collaborate to address major public health issues
  2. Improve mental health outcomes
  3. Great beginnings and a dignified end of life
  4. Person-centred, equitable, seamless access
  5. Drive safety, quality, and value through transparency, funding and planning
  6. Invest in digital healthcare and use data wisely
  7. Culture and workforce to support new models of care
  8. Innovate for sustainability

The Western Australian Department of Health is committed to supporting and promoting the findings from this Fellowship. The Fellow will be invited to share their findings in a variety of engagement opportunities including staff workshops, forums, conferences and publications.

Fellowship recipients will also have access to the Churchill Trust’s Learning Framework, which includes foundation skills training, ongoing support, mentoring, and financial assistance for disseminating findings when they return.

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