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In partnership with the Churchill Trust, The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) is sponsoring a new Churchill Fellowship in 2019 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who are permanent employees working in the Public Service*.

This Fellowship provides an invaluable opportunity for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person to spend 4-8 weeks overseas, to gain insights into the practices of their peers working in international jurisdictions, and contribute to Indigenous policy, governance and administration thinking in Australian upon their return.

The Fellowship will be awarded to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who is a permanent employee working in the Public Service, and on the basis that the research undertaken will contribute to improving outcomes for First Peoples of Australia and their communities, and ultimately to the wider Australian community. We encourage applicants to seek the advice and/or support of an Indigenous Elder in regards to the potential value of their proposal to the community.

ANZSOG is committed to supporting and promoting the findings from this Fellowship. On returning from the Fellowship, the ANZSOG Churchill Fellow will be invited to share their findings in a variety of engagement opportunities. This may include presenting in an ANZSOG program, a forum or contributing to the ANZSOG Wise Practice Case Library.

Fellowship recipients will also have access to the Churchill Trust’s Learning Framework, which includes foundation skills training, ongoing support, mentoring, and financial assistance for disseminating findings when they return.

For further inspiration and information on what is possible with a Churchill Fellowship, we encourage you to read more from other Indigenous Churchill Fellows who have travelled overseas to increase their knowledge in public sector practices:

  • Leilani Bin-Juda (Torres Strait Treaty Liaison Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
  • Donisha Duff (General Manager, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health)
  • Doseena Fergie (Academic, Australian Catholic University)
  • Natasha Chisholm (Senior Project Officer, The Workabout Centre, Department for Education, S.A.)
  • Karrina Nolan (Executive Director, Original Power)
  • Craig Ritchie (CEO, AIATSIS)
  • “My Churchill Fellowship gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion to build a better future for our ‘mob’. I was able to draw on the wisdom and experience of other Indigenous peoples, especially those with similar experiences of colonisation, and apply the lessons learned to enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership development processes in Australia.”  CRAIG RITCHIE [CEO, AIATSIS and 2006 Churchill Fellow]

    About The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

    The Australia and New Zealand School of Government partners with 15 universities across 10 jurisdictions, to lift the quality of public sector leadership across both nations. ANZSOG is a global leader in education and research that supports outstanding leadership and enriches the public sector. ANZSOG’s work inspires and connects people across agencies, sectors, jurisdictions and nations, and is focused on delivering better government which means better outcomes for citizens.

    NB In 2019 ANZSOG is also partnering with the New Zealand Churchill Trust to offer a Churchill Fellowship for a Māori public servant to pursue public sector practices leading to positive outcomes for Maori communities in New Zealand. Applications open 1 May and close 31 July 2019. For information on this opportunity please visit the New Zealand Winston Churchill Memorial Trust which is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs. Information about the Trust, including how to apply, is located on the Community Matters website.

    * For Australians who are not Indigenous or employed in the public service, we encourage you to apply for the general round of Churchill Fellowships, which welcomes applications from all Australians for any topic.

    The 2019 ANZSOG Churchill Fellowship was awarded to NT Policeman Alphonsus Shields, to promote indigenous employees groups in middle management positions within government. Alphonsus will travel to New Zealand, USA, and Canada.

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