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Fellowship: Issue related to the treatment of prostate cancer Availability: Awarded 2011 Region: National

Robert Prickett has had a long association with the Trust which commenced in 1967 when he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study public health aspects of water supply, sewerage treatment and re-use in tropical and arid regions. In 1993 the first Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship was awarded and Bob continues to generously sponsor two or three Fellowships every year.

Bob is especially passionate about improving the situation in regard to organ transplant and tissue donation in Australia and encouraging the implementation of promotional strategies and programs that provide support to transplant recipients, donor families and living donors. A number of Bob’s Fellowships have had organ and tissue donation as their principal focus and it is pleasing to see that Churchill Fellows are now in positions to make a difference in this important health area.

Fellow Year Category Media
Jill MARGO AM, Jill 2011 Health And Medicine