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Fellowship:Identify strategies to address the recreational drug use epidemic facing our communities that could provide assistance to families, agencies and/or the addicts themselves in overcoming this endemic challenge.Availability: 2016 Region: WA only

The Churchill Fellows' Associations are alumni associations for the benefit of Churchill Fellows. The Associations conduct fundraising and from time to time donate the funds to the Trust in order to give someone else the opportunity of a Churchill Fellowship. The topic of the Fellowship is at the discretion of the Association and is for award to residents of Western Australia only.

There is widespread concern at the impact of drugs, such as ICE, on our communities. This Fellowship, will support a person wishing to explore this epidemic with a view to identifying potential strategies that might assist communities, families, agencies and/or the addicts themselves.

Fellow Year Category Media
Angela O'Connor, Angela 2016 Social Welfare
Ellen HICKMAN, Ellen 2009 Arts - Visual
Shimin LIU, Shimin 2008 Health And Medicine
Kathryn HEATON, Kathryn 2005 Environment
Thelma PERSO, Thelma 2002 Education
Jill VINES (Now Clements), Jill 1999 Education
Keryln CARVILLE, Keryln 1995 Health And Medicine
Paul NOVELLY, Paul 1994 Environment
Christopher GOSTELOW, Christopher 1993 Social Welfare