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Fellowship:For innovations and resourcefulness for firefighter and community safety in the fields of training or equipment developments or through inter-agency liaison and cooperation. Availability: Biennially Region: ACT only

This Fellowship is sponsored in memory of David Balfour an ACT fire fighter who was tragically killed fighting the Victorian bushfires in 2009. David had given over 11 years of dedicated service to the ACT Fire Brigade and had volunteered to go to Victoria as part of an ACT contingent of professional and volunteer fire fighters keen to repay a debt of honour to the Victorian fire fighters who had come to the aid of the ACT when Canberra experienced devastating bushfires in 2003.

A trust fund was established by the United Fire Fighters Union ACT branch after David's death and was supported by all Fire Brigades, Ambulance, Police, Emergency Services and Unions to financially assist his wife and three children. After the inaugural award supported by the Balfour Family the ACT Government agreed to continue sponsorship of this Fellowship biennially for a period of 10 years.

Fellow Year Category Media
Anthony Walker, Anthony 2016 Emergency Services
Health And Medicine
Scott Young, Scott 2014 Emergency Services
Paul Thorpe, Paul 2012 Emergency Services
John HELGESEN, John 2010 Emergency Services