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Fellowship: Study of classical voice Availability: Biennially Region: Offered Nationally

Dr Iain Medgett was known to be an outstanding scientist and talented musician. He lost his life as a result of a tragic accident in the USA and a Trust was set up by his mother, Mrs Catherine Medgett, funding the awarding of Churchill Fellowships. Further funds were donated from Catherine's Estate upon her death. The Fellowship is offered every second year and alternates between the topics of classical voice and classical strings.

Fellow Year Category Media
Markiyan Melnychenko, Markiyan 2019 Arts - Performing
Benjamin Ward, Benjamin 2012 Arts - Performing
Janet DAVIES, Janet 2008 Arts - Performing
Sally McHUGH, Sally 2002 Arts - Performing
Linley BIRKETT (Now Bennett), Linley 2001 Arts - Performing
Kirsty MCCAHON, Kirsty 2000 Arts - Performing
Simon MARTYN-ELLIS, Simon 1999 Arts - Performing
Xenia HANUSIAK, Xenia 1998 Arts - Performing
Alice EVANS, Alice 1997 Arts - Performing
Adrian McENIERY, Adrian 1996 Arts - Performing
Padraic SAVAGE, Padraic 1995 Arts - Performing
Lindsay GAFFNEY, Lindsay 1994 Arts - Performing