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Fellowship: A project in the field of surgery, including surgical nursing Availability: Annually Region: Offered Nationally

Dr Lena Elizabeth McEwan was a respected Melbourne plastic surgeon who passed away on 4 October 2011 after a short illness. She was the first female to qualify in plastic surgery in Australia and worked for many years at The Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital and The Queen Victoria Medical Centre. Her speciality was her pioneering work in reconstructive surgery. Dr McEwan was not directly associated with the Churchill Trust but became aware of the Trust through her long friendship with the late Dame Joyce Daws DBE.

Dame Joyce was a thoracic surgeon and like Dr McEwan also operated at The Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital. They shared a love of proteas and at one stage jointly owned 15 acres of proteas at Torquay. Dr McEwan greatly admired the work of the Churchill Trust and the commitment to the Trust by Dame Joyce. She often accompanied Dame Joyce to Churchill Trust functions. Dame Joyce spent over 25 years on the Victorian Regional Selection Committee of the Churchill Trust and passed away on 13 July 2007.

Both Dr McEwan and Dame Joyce left part of their Estates to the Churchill Trust to fund Churchill Fellowships. The common thread between the two, apart from their close friendship, was their encouragement of life-long learning especially in the surgical field. It is expected that their Fellowships will encourage medical professionals to apply in the fields of surgery, including surgical nursing.

Fellow Year Category Media
Mark Dexter, Mark 2019 Health And Medicine
Jennifer Roy, Jennifer 2018 Health And Medicine
Stephanie Wicks, Stephanie 2016
Oran Rigby, Oran 2014 Health And Medicine
I.T. And Communications
Sarah ANDERSON, Sarah 2008 Health And Medicine