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Fellowship: The dairy industry Availability: Annually Region: Offered Nationally

Jack Green was for many years the best known identity in Australia’s dairy industry and through his role of Dairy Supervisor with the Department of Agriculture influenced government policy and farming practices within the industry.

In the late 1980’s a public fundraising appeal was conducted to raise funds to support a perpetual Churchill Fellowship in recognition of Jack’s outstanding contribution to the dairy industry.

Jack passed away in April 2002 aged 89 years.

Fellow Year Category Media
Daniel Brown, Daniel 2018 Agriculture

Tim Roache, Tim 2017 Agriculture
Peter Havrlant, Peter 2016
Anthony Femia, Anthony 2012 Trades
Naomi INGLETON, Naomi 2011 Business
Sean MILLER, Sean 2010 Importing And Exporting
Lynton FOSTER, Lynton 2008 Trades
Alan IRISH, Alan 2007 Agriculture
William BLOOMFIELD, William 2006 PDF  
Thelma HUTCHISON, Thelma 2005 PDF  
Regan JOHNSON, Regan 2004 PDF  
Anthea LISLE (NOW YOUNG), Anthea 2003 PDF  
Jeanette FISHER, Jeanette 2002 PDF  
Graham REDHEAD, Graham 2002 PDF  
Fiona CHAMBERS, Fiona 2001
Jennifer MCMILLAN, Jennifer 2000
Susan HIDES, Susan 1999 PDF  
Wayne WELLER, Wayne 1998 PDF  
Sandra EVANS, Sandra 1997
William DARMODY, William 1995
Allan BURGESS, Allan 1994
John MULVANY, John 1993 Farming
Lynett GRIFFITHS, Lynett 1992 PDF  
Sarah CROOKE, Sarah 1991