Perhaps one of the biggest rewards of being a sponsor is inspiring Australians to strive for excellence for the benefit of the community.

The Trust appreciates the support of all the individuals and organisations that make our sponsored Fellowships possible.

Sponsorships in focus

The Park Family have been involved with the Churchill Trust since its inception. In 1963, Bill Park participated in planning for the doorknock appeal that would set up the Trust in 1965, after the death of Sir Winston Churchill. He was involved in Trust activities, both in Queensland and nationally, for many years. His national roles included National Chairman and National President, and he served as a Patron of the Trust until his death in 2015, at the age of 94.

Bill Park set up the Park Family Fellowship in 2009, and it’s continued today by Bill’s daughter on behalf of her parents and siblings. The Park Family Churchill Fellowship supports projects that involve developing vocational education and training in diverse topics that have demonstrable benefit for the Australian community. The Park family recognise that training others in key information and skills has a large multiplier effect.

The Fellows who have benefitted from this sponsorship come from diverse fields, linked by their passion for sharing knowledge.

Be part of someone’s remarkable journey

The Trust welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals and organisations wanting to support and inspire someone’s Churchill Fellowship journey.

Are you interested in helping passionate Australians to strive for excellence as they access international expertise and observe inspiring practice in their field of endeavour? Learn more about how you can sponsor a Fellowship or leave a bequest.

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