Stories of impact

Impact Funding, a post Fellowship opportunity, supports selected Churchill Fellows to implement a project of their design to achieve further impact in their field.

Read about our Churchill Fellows’ journeys from Fellowship to implementation in our Stories of impact.

Hold big tech to account - safer screens for Aussie kids

Barbara Biggins from Adelaide, an early media trailblazer and latest recipient of the Winston Churchill Trust’s Impact Funding continues her 50-year campaign to keep Aussie screens safe and appropriate for our children.

From Australian Waters to global palates: A caviar success story with Indigenous partnerships

If it looks like caviar and tastes just as delicious, then caviar it is, even if it’s sourced from Australian fish rather than sturgeon or lumpfish from Iran, Russia or Europe, and costs considerably less. Nick Gorman, one of our latest Impact Funding recipients, doesn’t mind what we call it, preferring instead that we enjoy its flavour and the ‘pop’ it makes in the mouth.

Data-driven insights into voluntary assisted dying

Dr. Margaret O'Connor reveals the importance of data in navigating the complex landscape of voluntary assisted dying, ensuring transparency, and fostering a national consensus on end-of-life care statistics in Australia.

Theatrical catalysts for healthcare culture change

Dr. Catherine Crock's plays transform hospital culture by emphasizing patient-centered care and safety, with a new initiative using video content to stream performances into hospitals and medical schools, reaching a wider audience for lasting impact.

Championing accessibility in the Australian music scene

Morwenna Collett is revolutionising the Australian music industry by tackling accessibility issues, from online information gaps to physical barriers at venues, through her groundbreaking National Live Music Accessibility Charter project.
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