To gain knowledge of historical and current cast stone technology

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Major Lessons learnt and Conclusions:

  • Having been taught by undoubtedly one of the world’s best marble sculptors, and to witness a teaching style that dealt with students from different skill levels and backgrounds, has equipped me with not only an increased skill level in highly skilled trade/art form, but also a better idea of how to teach and share my skills.
  • To be able to offer the information and manufacturing know-how to not only the Heritage Industry, but also the wider building and casting industries about an alternative, quality resource in an environment where natural materials and resources are scarce and often inadequate.
  • That the practices and skills learnt during my Winston Churchill Fellowship can be pursued in a place as small as Tasmania, and that these skills and practices will allow for enhanced restoration and preservation of our built heritage. Furthermore, it is not only our historical buildings that will be kept alive, but the skills needed for that purpose will also be maintained and imparted in the future.

Key words: cast stone, social sustainability, historic architecture, stone, Tasmania, heritage


Edrei Stanton

Edrei Stanton

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