2021 National 'Virtual' Convention of Churchill Fellows

A Changing World

The National Convention of Churchill Fellows – A Changing World was held from Friday 8 – Saturday 9 October 2021, as an online experience only, with just the Convention Dinner the only ‘in-person’ event.

Delegates were able to enjoy the convention as a 3D immersive online experience – accessible from the comfort of your their home.

It was exciting for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to announce  the 2021 ‘Virtual’ National Convention of Churchill Fellows online!

The Virtual Convention was a 3D immersive experience, with real-time access to the events, the chance to engage with presentations during Q&A, and a variety of opportunities to network with other virtual attendees, including one-on-one chats, meeting hubs, and speed networking sessions.

Virtual attendees were also able to visit and learn about opportunities available to Fellows at online-only exhibition booths presented by some of our partners, including Yellow Edge our partners in the VGLP program, and the Policy Impact Program with partners The University of Queensland. Attendees were also able to join in the launch of an exciting new partnership which will offer international development and collaboration opportunities and connections for Churchill Fellows.

The Virtual Convention definitely provided a fun and interactive experience. Watch this video to learn more about about the 3D immersive experience.

Virtual Convention Ticket $75

The Virtual Convention took place on Friday 8 October and Saturday 9 October 2021.

View the Convention Program Here.

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