3D-printed hand prostheses


Lisa O’Brien was awarded the Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to gain new knowledge regarding 3D-printed hand prostheses – USA, Brazil, UK, Netherlands

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Fire and Land Management


Scott Falconer was awarded the Lord Mayor’s Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to create close partnerships with and jobs for traditional owners in fire and land management – USA, Canada

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Recycling plastics


Helen Millicer was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to increase recycling and reprocessing of plastics in Australia – UK, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia

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Medical Cannabis Cultivation


To enhance the standard of medical cannabis cultivation in Australian licensed facilities – Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark, Israel

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Welcome to the CFA VIC

The Churchill Fellows Association of Victoria (CFA VIC) is an incorporated association run by a properly constituted management committee and is an affiliate of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, with a membership made up of recipients of Churchill Fellowships in Victoria.

The VIC CFA aims to encourage Churchill Fellows to:

  • disseminate information about their fields of interest
  • provide opportunities for continued contact with other Fellows
  • provide information about Fellowships to potential applicants
  • welcome new and visiting Fellows and assist them in any way possible
  • represent the interests of Churchill Fellows
  • further the interests of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

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Numbering over 950 of Australia’s best and brightest, our Victorian Fellows are totally diverse and invariably innovative. Their projects are the result of extra endeavour and show an aspect of striving for excellence. These are the hallmarks of a Churchill Fellow.

The Churchill Trust can support any worthwhile pursuit with no preconceptions as to what form it can take. This is evidenced clearly by the extraordinary variety of fields in which Churchill Fellows are involved.

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