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Annual Reports

The Annual Report records the Churchill Trust’s activities and performance for the year from 1 February to 31 January each year.

The main purpose of this publication is to report on our core business including our governance structures, strategic directions and financial position.

It also acknowledges the great statesman Sir Winston Churchill in whose name the Trust was established and strives to honour his legacy by profiling the annual co-hort of Churchill Fellows.

The Annual Report also contains a yearly round up from our Churchill Fellows' Associations who are located across Australia to support the objectives of the Trust and features stories on Fellows who have now returned from their Fellowships, sharing their experiences and findings.

2018-19 Annual Report [Paperturn Flipping Book} 2017-18 Annual Report [PDF] (40.8 MB) 2016-17 Annual Report [PDF] (15.0 MB) 2015-16 Annual Report [PDF] (12.1 MB) 2014-15 50th Anniversary Annual Report [PDF] (38.4 MB) 2013-2014 Annual Report [PDF] (16.1 MB) 2012-2013 Annual Report [PDF] (8.6 MB) 2011-2012 Annual Report [PDF] (13.2 MB) 2010-2011 Annual Report [PDF] (7.7 MB) 2009-2010 Annual Report [PDF] (7.4 MB) 2008-2009 Annual Report [PDF] (5.5 MB) 1993 Annual Report [PDF] (8.3 MB) 1968 Annual Report [PDF] (22.9 MB)

Corporate Governance

Churchill Trust Constitution (278.8 KB)