2021-2026 Strategic Directions

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Strategic Direction 1

Awarding Fellowships to a diverse range of people from all walks of life, based on merit

  • Be responsive, flexible and mindful in the ways that we promote, assess, award and administer Fellowships to ensure broad social inclusion
  • Provide accessible processes and reasonable adjustment so that applicants are not disadvantaged due to individual factors including but not limited to disability, age or geographic location

Strategic Direction 2 

Supporting and developing Churchill Fellows

  • Prepare newly selected Churchill Fellows for success 
  • Maximise and support the Churchill Fellowship experience
  • Supporting Churchill Fellows with their post Fellowship implementation and development

Strategic Direction 3 

Enhancing the profile of Churchill Fellowships

  • Increase awareness of Churchill Fellowships throughout the community
  • Generate partnerships across sectors, industries and employer groups
  • Enhance the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill, while being open to contemporary public perceptions and constructive debate

Strategic Direction 4 

Understanding and enhancing the impact of Churchill Fellowships

  • Establish and implement a framework to evaluate and determine the impact of Fellowships
  • Document and communicate the impact of Fellowships
  • Develop initiatives to increase the impact of Fellowships

Strategic Direction 5 

Continue being sustainable and contributing to public value

  • Maintain our focus on high performance and innovation
  • Develop an understanding of the Trust’s carbon footprint and identify initiatives to reduce it, ideally to become a carbon-neutral organisation
  • Actively contribute to public value by supporting Fellowships that address contemporary issues

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