Video stories

From couture fashion and sewing techniques, to contemporary chair design and fine furniture making, our Churchill Fellows know a thing or two on just about everything.

In this video series, hear directly from our makers and creators about their journey, creative practice, and more about what their Fellowship legacy is.

Sculpting a friendship with Wojciech Pietranik and Berendina de Ruiter

Churchill Fellows Wojciech and Berendina talk about their shared studio, passion for sculpting in stone and the artistic community they found on their Churchill Fellowship.

Designing and printing fabrics with Wendy Lugg

Churchill Fellow Wendy Lugg shares how the connections she formed overseas led to amazing opportunities long after she returned from her Fellowship.

3D motion capture methods with Luke Hopper

Churchill Fellow Luke Hopper describes himself as the 'science guy in the art school' and talks about how his passion for his work grew on his Fellowship.

The nexus between classical and jazz saxophone with Matt Styles

Churchill Fellow Matt Styles talks about his love of saxophone and how his Fellowship completely changed how he plays and teaches.

Corsetry and couture womenswear with Amanda Nichols

Churchill Fellow Amanda Nichols is passionate about fashion and talks about the different ways that she's been able to share her Fellowship learnings.

Making stencil art with Luke Cornish

Churchill Fellow Luke Cornish talks about how he used his Fellowship to collaborate with inspiring artists internationally, and his motivation to build a collaborative culture here in Australia.

Teaching of elite vocational ballet with Lisa Pavane

Churchill Fellow Lisa Pavane talks about the lasting connections she made overseas and the satisfaction of teaching and watching others succeed.

Contemporary blacksmithing with Tim Bignell

Churchill Fellow Tim Bignell talks about sharing his knowledge of blacksmithing and the satisfying process of learning new skills.

Glass blowing with Peter Minson

Churchill Fellow Peter Minson shares his passion, persistence and his journey to becoming a Churchill Fellow.

Sustainable design in shoemaking with Marlene Kranz

Churchill Fellow Marlene Kranz is passionate about sustainability in shoemaking and emphasises the importance of staying excited about your work.

Hand paper making with Winsome Jobling

Churchill Fellow Winsome Jobling talks through the process of making paper by hand and how opportunities have grown since her Churchill Fellowship.

The art of tinsmithing with Rebecca Morgan

Churchill Fellow Rebecca Morgan is one of the few practising tinsmiths in Australia and is dedicated to sharing her skills.

Cricket bat making with Lachlan Fisher

Churchill Fellow Lachlan Fisher talks about cricket bat willow and how he brought his overseas knowledge home to Australia.

Sculpting visual symphonies with Ante Dabro

Churchill Fellow Ante Dabro calls himself a 'mad sculptor' and believes you can't do anything without passion.

Art and conservation with Jasmine Jan

Churchill Fellow Jasmine Jan talks about her journey with art and conservation, and the impact of art in building healthy communities.

Contemporary chair design with Evan Dunstone

Churchill Fellow Evan Dunstone shares his journey to becoming a creator of fine Australian furniture, and his experience as a Churchill Fellow.

From navy diver to violin maker

After serving six years in the Royal Australian Navy as a clearance Diver, Adam Edwards had a creative side that he wanted to discover.
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