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Andreea Lachsz is passionate about the rights of detained people.

Andreea has a Master of Laws, International human rights law from the University of Melbourne; a Juris Doctor, Law from the University of Technology Sydney, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney. Andreea is commencing a PhD on the torture and ill-treatment of people in places of detention.

Andreea is the Head of Policy, Communications and Strategy at the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and is on the Policy Committee of Liberty Victoria.

Andreea has previously worked as a criminal defence lawyer and as the coordinator of the community legal education team at the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency.

She has previously volunteered as a humanitarian observer with the Australian Red Cross Immigration Detention Monitoring Program, conducting visits to facilities in Australia, Nauru and Papua New Guinea.


To investigate overseas practices of monitoring places of detention

To investigate overseas practices of monitoring places of detention

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Andreea Lachsz

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