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Helen is passionate about developing law enforcement and corrections intelligence to support the disruption of crime, decrease recidivism and protect vulnerable members of the community that continue to fall victim to domestic and family violence.

Working in criminal intelligence for over 20 years Helen has had the opportunity to hone her skills across a number of law enforcement and security environments and most recently undertook a comprehensive intelligence review for an Australian correctional jurisdiction. This opportunity has heightened Helen’s desire to promote a more collaborative environment between correctional and law enforcement agencies and initial collection for her Churchill Fellowship indicates that various international jurisdictions have developed strategies in this area.

Helen is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers as well as the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts and has contributed to industry conferences and represented various agencies on a number of Australian Government committees. Helen holds a Bachelor of Justice Studies from Queensland University of Technology


To investigate international best practice in corrections intelligence methodologies

To investigate international best practice in corrections intelligence methodologies

New Zealand
United Kingdom
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Helen Glazebrook

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