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Hilary Hall believes in transforming waste to regenerate our environment and nourish our communities. Through considered management and appropriate treatment, organic wastes can be used to create thriving, resilient ecosystems that nurture life and foster biodiversity. As we struggle to reduce the impacts of human activities on our planet, Hilary seeks to identify ways to control pollutants and maximise the benefits that can be derived from a range of organic waste streams.

Hilary champions the beneficial use of biosolids – a by-product of sewage treatment - on farms and land rehabilitation sites to improve soil health, increase soil carbon and reduce dependence on synthetic fertilisers. As a consulting engineer, Hilary achieves this by working with water utilities, government, landowners and regulators to use biosolids in ways that enhance resource recovery, regenerate soils and develop local circular economies.

Biosolids are an excellent example of circular resources, however this circularity is threated by contamination from chemicals used in our food, clothing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Solving this problem will take a multilateral approach, including government policy, environmental regulation, source control and technology solutions.

With more than 15 years of experience in the water industry, Hilary has held operational and consulting roles in Australia and the USA. Given her special interest in environmental regulation, Hilary has published and presented widely on biosolids regulation, environmental risk and pollutants in wastewater. She is an active member of the Australian and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership, the Australian Water Association and Engineers Australia.

Hilary has a Masters of Engineering Science in Water and Wastewater Treatment from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from RMIT University. 


To investigate technology and policy approaches that enhance the beneficial use of biosolids

To investigate technology and policy approaches that enhance the beneficial use of biosolids

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Land, Commerce and Logistics
Hilary Hall

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