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Ingrid Marshall is a highly respected senior architect. Over the past 15 years she has cultivated a deep interest and knowledge in seniors’ housing. She is skilled at integrating the often competing requirements of budget, regulations, durability and client aspirations - creating uplifting functional spaces.

Ingrid’s seniors design experience is extensive, including independent living homes for retirees, residential aged care and various hybrid forms of supported accomodation. Through this work Ingrid has developed a comprehensive understanding of various care models and their associated strengths and challenges.

Ingrid is a founding member of Places for Ageing, a trans-disciplinary organisation aiming to promote innovative solutions for housing Australia’s growing elderly population. She firmly believes design can minimise the impact of health issues such as dementia, reduced mobility and declining acuity, creating environments where seniors can remain engaged. Ingrid supports the development of small house-like models of residential aged care; familiar settings facilitating residents maximising their potential.

An Associate Director at Deicke Richards, a Brisbane based Architecture Practice, Ingrid leads their seniors housing team, managing in-house designers as well as external specialist consultants. Clients value her knowledge of both traditional and innovative approaches to seniors housing. Projects vary from large high end traditional care facilities to minor home modifications.

In addition to her Bachelor of Architecture (Hons), Ingrid has a Bachelor of Speech Therapy, with post graduate honours in Audiology: both from University of Queensland. This unique combination of qualifications provides Ingrid with detailed insight into many of the common issues experienced by seniors, while adding the design skills to address them.

Ingrid cares about Australian seniors; her compassion and attention shaped by the experience of her own elderly parents and grandmothers in residential aged care. She is committed to helping all elderly Australians make the most of their final years.


The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate international house-like residential aged care models and their Australian viability

The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate international house-like residential aged care models and their Australian viability

United Kingdom
Ingrid Marshall

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