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Dr Laura Anderson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with over ten years experience working in rehabilitation and the criminal justice system. Initially trained in Clinical Neuropsychology early in her career Laura discovered her passion for working within the forensic system and went on to complete a PhD in Forensic Medicine. Laura has since dedicated her career to highlighting the interplay between mental health, cognitive functioning, and offending behaviour.

She strives to improve rehabilitation and reintegration services for vulnerable people involved in the criminal justice system. The complex and dynamic nature of this clinical work, as well as the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to individual and community outcomes is what motivates Laura to contribute to ongoing innovation in the criminal justice system. Laura has worked across all sectors of the criminal justice, including conducting pre-sentence neuropsychological assessments for court, running therapeutic units in custody, working in inpatient forensic mental health settings, supporting post-release case management for individuals with cognitive impairment, and conducting research on understanding factors that contribute to offending behaviour.

More recently, Laura joined Corrections Victoria to develop and implement the Prison Disability Support Initiative – a statewide program designed to identify and support people with cognitive impairments within the Victorian prison system. Thus far, this role is the pinnacle of Laura’s career as it provide her with the opportunity to develop a responsive service that addresses the complex therapeutic needs of people involved in the criminal justice system whilst also improving community outcomes.


To understand global approaches to supporting rehabilitation for cognitively impaired offenders

To understand global approaches to supporting rehabilitation for cognitively impaired offenders

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Laura Anderson

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