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Lauren Levin is passionate about preventing gambling harm, particularly for fast growing online gambling. In her work for Financial Counselling Australia, she observes that gambling companies, banks and others cause or contribute to the harm, and that gambling policy and regulation are failing vulnerable consumers.

In her role as Director, Policy and Campaigns at Financial Counselling Australia, the financial counsellors share their casework experience. Lauren then works with industry, government, regulators, other consumer advocates (and whoever will listen) to get policy changes. 

Lauren is driven by the belief that there are good people everywhere who need to work together. 

Lauren has been leading work on preventing gambling suicides. A few years ago, a man called Christopher sought her out to share his gambling statements and his gambling story because he wanted to assist her policy work. He took his life some weeks later. To honour his gift, she brought almost 50 people together for a ‘gambling suicide roundtable’ to share what they were seeing, and to work out a prevention plan. The report ‘Preventing Gambling Suicides: a roadmap for reform’ was released by Financial Counselling Australia and Suicide Prevention Australia in March 2022.

Lauren was instrumental in getting a Federal Government review of online gambling in 2016. This led to the National Online Gambling Consumer Protection Framework in 2018. 


To identify what legislative, regulatory and banking methods work in reducing online gambling harm

To identify what legislative, regulatory and banking methods work in reducing online gambling harm

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Lauren Levin

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