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Martin Burke, a Detective Sergeant with the South Australia Police, boasts an extensive 30-year career marked by diverse roles—ranging from general patrols to policing outlaw motorcycle and street gangs, serious organised crime, counter-terrorism, digital forensics, and most recently cybercrime. In this most recent role he has observed firsthand the negative impact that the use of cryptocurrencies by criminals can have on the vulnerable, elderly and/or inexperienced.

Over the past several years Martin has conducted research into the criminal use of cryptocurrencies. This positioned him to be the central driver to develop a preliminary framework which guides investigators and provides the ability to search, seize and disrupt organised crime.

Martin is currently team leader of a small specialised unit of dedicated officers who conduct the initial investigation into reports of cybercrime. When developing this team he implemented a three-pronged philosophy that places victim support, investigational guidance, and criminal network disruption at the forefront. Creating this agile team produced tangible benefits with improved local service delivery and international collaboration. This concerted effort has led to the effective freezing of illicit funds, impeding criminal activities.

Recognising the borderless nature of cybercrime and cryptocurrencies, Martin fostered the creation of the Australian New Zealand Cryptocurrency Practitioner Working Group (ANZCPWG). The ANZCPWG has members from each State, Territory and Commonwealth law enforcement agency who support and collaborate with each other on investigations, training, governance and experiences. Martin is also an active member of a number of international practitioner groups that foster professional development and enable international policing cooperation.

Together, these experiences and connections see him well positioned to harness the fellowship opportunity to drive innovation and collaboration that will ultimately lead to the development of best practice guidelines regarding education, seizure and disruption of the criminal use of cryptocurrencies locally, nationally and internationally. 


The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to research methodology in countering and disrupting organised crimes use of cryptocurrencies

The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to research methodology in countering and disrupting organised crimes use of cryptocurrencies

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Martin Burke

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