To improve Food Rescue in Australia by examining best practices globally

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To improve Food Rescue in Australia by examining best practices globally featured image
There are a number of opportunities to amplify the sector and empower scale within Australia and our region. It is important to recognise that concern for the Environment and Nutrition is the web upon which this discussion sits. It was mentioned during every conversation on my travels. In summary, this discussion paper looks at 10 key areas . · Leadership · The Power of a Co-ordinated systemic approach. (Governments at all levels partnering with Business and NFP). · Partnerships in the New Economy · Volunteers · Best Before and Best By dates · Capacity and Fundraising · Collaboration · Advocacy Food matters. People matter. Our planet matters During my time preparing and editing this report Australia has faced two significant economic and social challenges. The damage to communities because of the bush fires, along with the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to higher numbers of Australians seeking short- and long-term food support. Closed businesses mean many employees are put on unpaid leave, causing additional financial hardship for food insecure families. Closed schools are reducing children’s access to school breakfast and lunch programs. Disrupted supply chains and panic buying mean that food prices can be higher than usual, reducing food access for vulnerable people. The Government has called for all Australians to work together during these difficult times. If we do, we will emerge stronger and perhaps with some better systems in place to support the work of food rescue around our country and within our region.


Simone Carson

Simone Carson


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