To research land use approaches to assist in addressing Australia's housing affordability crisis

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To research land use approaches to assist in addressing Australia's housing affordability crisis featured image

Housing is a fundamental human right, that is connected to our everyday lives. It not only provides essential shelter, but also plays a significant role in our quality of life and economic prosperity, whilst supporting the long-term growth of our cities and regions. 

Australia was once known as a place where housing costs were manageable, with broad opportunities for all parts of the community to achieve the Australian dream of home ownership. Whilst that may have been the case in the post World War II era when Australia’s population was only seven (7) million people; at a population of just over 26 million, the Great Australian Dream established 78 years ago is no longer attainable. 

Whilst the Great Australian Dream is no longer attainable, it continues to directly influence the settlement patterns of our cities and regions, predominately characterised by extensive suburbanisation.  I am of the view that Australians have limited acceptance to, and knowledge of, alternative housing types and tenures. This is because you only know what you are used to, and people naturally fear change and the unknown. The reluctance to accept new housing typologies, combined with a strong investment market, has unconsciously exacerbated the emergence of a two-class society; of those that can afford housing and those that cannot. 

It was this problem that inspired me to travel to the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden in 2022, to learn how other jurisdictions are dealing with the ever-growing housing affordability challenge from a land use perspective.

Whilst land use planning is just a small part of the highly complex and multi-faceted housing affordability challenge, I do contend that evidence-based land use planning responses can offer the foundation to commence reimagining the Great Australian Dream, so Australia's current and future generations can also enjoy the range of social and financial benefits home ownership delivers.  In light of growing concern about inflationary pressures that have led to significant increases to our cost of living, now is the time to act! 


Martin Garred

Martin Garred


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