Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda is the flagship publication of the Policy Impact Program

A partnership between The University of Queensland and The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Every year, talented Australians from all walks of life are awarded Churchill Fellowships to travel overseas and investigate inspiring and best practices that could benefit Australian communities. Through their travels, Churchill Fellows access and exchange knowledge and experiences with industry and community leaders from around the world who have insights to offer in relation to the Fellows’ areas of focus. Churchill Fellows also explore, first hand, international policy development and implementation, reviewing what has been successfully achieved in other countries and most importantly how it might be applied within Australia.

The Policy Impact Program was developed by The University of Queensland Centre for Policy Futures and The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust with the intent of helping Churchill Fellows draw upon their international knowledge to best inform policy reform in Australia. The Policy Impact Program and its flagship publication, Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda, combines some of the best of the Churchill Fellows’ ideas and insights with the policy and governance expertise of the Centre for Policy Futures. Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda Issue 1 was published in March 2021.

Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda Issue no. 2  was launched in the Churchill Policy Room at Australian Parliament House on 30 November 2022. Download the publication or read the individual articles on the University of Queensland website via the links below.

Clement Ng: It’s Time to Treat Sick Kids, Not Punish Them

Belinda Cook: First Nations First: Targeted investment to grow a dynamic and sustainable First Nations fashion sector 

Niroshini Kennedy: Safe, Healthy & Thriving: How culturally safe health care can close the gap for Aboriginal children in care

Maida Stewart: Healthy Housing Programs: For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with high rates of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

Julie DunbabinFeeding Children Well: The importance of school lunches to education, health, and social outcomes, and impact on local food economies

Steven CaruanaShining a Light in Dark Places: A once-in-a-generation opportunity to safeguard people in detention and care settings.

Angela Rintoul: Universal Registration is Key to Preventing Gambling Harm

Jeremy WigginsThe Critical Role of Family Support in Accessing Transgender Health care: A pathway to better outcomes for transgender youth.

Rebecca LyonsReimagine Deathcare for Our Ageing Population

Declan PageWaterbanking for Drought Resilience

Contact Kirsty Guster if you would like to find out more, order a print or digital copy, or book a policy briefing with our Fellows. 

Download Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda Issue 1 or view the articles online at The University of Queensland website.

Visit the Churchill Policy Room to watch the launch presentations made by our Policy Impact Program Churchill Fellows 2020-21.

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