Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda is the culmination of the Policy Impact Program

A partnership between the University of Queensland and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

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Publication Launch

The inaugural Churchill Policy Room was opened at Australian Parliament House on Monday 15 March 2021 by The Hon. Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australians where the flagship publication of the Policy Impact Program, Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda, was launched to identify curate and advocate a selection of ideas to increase the accessibility of valuable evidence and experiences by policymakers within Australia.

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Policy Articles

Jennifer Bowles
CF VIC 2014

‘Why Can I Lock Kids Up But I Can’t Ensure They Receive Treatment?’ The case for effective mandated substance abuse treatment for young people.

Owen Churches
CF SA 2018

Artificial intelligence and human government. 

Jessica Cocks
CF NSW 2016

Peer Parent and Family Advocacy in Child Protection: A pathway to better outcomes for kids.

Scott Falconer
CF VIC 2017

How Self-Determination is Returning White Smoke to Country.

Megan Gilmour
CF ACT 2016

Don’t wait until they’re well: School policy and technology to keep sick kids connected.

Steven Harrison
CF TAS 2015

Employment logic: The cultural shift needed to improve VET outcomes for school students.

Natalia Krysiak
CF NSW 2018

Design and planning policy for family-friendly apartment living. 

Taryn Lane
CF VIC 2016

Zero carbon communities: A blueprint for clean energy transitions.

Katrina Marson
CF ACT 2018

Ignorance is not innocence: Implementing relationships and sex education to safeguard sexual wellbeing. 

Claire Seppings
CF VIC 2015

Breaking the cycle: Straight talking ex-offenders reduce recidivism.

Katherine Webber
CF QLD 2018

We need to talk about public toilets: Policy agendas for inclusive suburbs and cities.

The Policy Impact Program (PIP) is designed to identify, curate and advocate ideas from Churchill Fellows who have the potential to shape best practice and policy reform on a variety of relevant and contemporary issues facing Australia.

Policy Impact Program

For more information on the Policy Impact Program application and selection process, see www.churchilltrust.com.au/pip

All enquiries should be directed to Kirsty Guster via email to kirsty.guster@churchilltrust.com.au

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