Summer reports published 2023

Your summer reading is here! From the comfort of your armchair, you can travel the globe and learn from the world’s best. Churchill Fellows travelled around the world in 2023 to gather these latest findings for Australia.

Head into your new year in 2024 with the world’s newest and most innovative ideas. Enjoy your summer reading! Reports categories are below for your scrolling and reading pleasure:

  1. Arts and trades
  2. Agriculture, horticulture and food production
  3. Community and accessibility
  4. Education
  5. First Peoples
  6. Health and Medicine
  7. Public service, courts and emergency response
  8. Science, technology and the environment

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Arts and trades

Tim Trezise (NSW, 2022)

Car restoration

Project aim: The Auto Skills Australia Churchill Fellowship to study the latest techniques and technologies that form a high-end car restoration

Read Tim’s Fellowship report here. 

James Boyd (WA, 2020)

Art company funding

Project aim: To investigate new global responses offering arts companies alternatives to ethical private funding dilemmas

Read James’ Fellowship report

James Brown (VIC, 2019)

Circus Arts

Project aim: The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to investigate the artistic future of Australian Circus Arts

Read James’ Fellowship report

Penelope Lee (VIC, 2019)

Women’s museums

Project aim: To research, learn from and build relationships with women’s museums

Read Penelope’s Fellowship report

Graham Sattler (NSW, 2019)

Orchestra & inclusion

Project aim: To evaluate international best-practice Musical Inclusion models for application in Australia

Read Graham’s Fellowship report

Heather Thomas (VIC, 2019)

Natural fabric dye

Project aim: To increase natural dyeing expertise by investigating established botanical dye studios

Read Heather’s Fellowship report

Amanda Healy (WA, 2019)

Fashion design

Project aim: To complete formal and recognised training in Fashion Design in Europe with subject experts.

Read Amanda’s Fellowship report

Dylan Crismani (SA, 2020)

Musical instruments

Project aim: The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to document the musical instruments of Harry Partch so that they can be replicated in Australia.

Read Dylan’s Fellowship report

Richard Maddock (VIC, 2020)

Japanese woodwork

Project aim: The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to explore the use of traditional Japanese wood-only joints in modern robotic building construction.

Read Richard’s Fellowship report

Evan Marker (SA, 2019)

Stone letter carving

Project aim: The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to train in the art of stone letter carving and observe the operation of a commercial studio.

Read Evan’s Fellowship report

Justin Morrissey (NSW, 2020)

Creative industries

Project aim: To identify strategies that can foster socio-economic development in the Creative Industries.

Read Justin’s Fellowship report

Petah Cavallaro (QLD, 2019)


Project Aim: The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to pursue excellence in opera and build international relationships with cultures in which opera thrives.

Read Petah’s Fellowship report

Bianca Bulley (QLD, 2019)

Costume tailoring

Project Aim: The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to gain international costume tailoring skills to address a national skill shortage in the field.

Read Bianca’s Fellowship report

Agriculture, horticulture & food production

Stuart McGruddy (QLD, 2020)


Project aim: The Hort Innovation Churchill Fellowship to build on the knowledge, experience and technology used in the freezing of whole soft berry fruits

Read Stuart’s Fellowship report here.

Holly Klintworth (SA, 2020)

Cognac brandy

Project aim: To undertake an internship with a reputable cognac distillery to learn the art of brandy production

Read Holly’s Fellowship report

Leonie Norrington (NT, 2020)

Food growing in tropics

Project aim: To research and update home food gardening information for the north Australian tropical climate

Read Leonie’s Fellowship report

Beth Green (WA, 2020)

Livestock traceability

Project aim: To explore motives for livestock producers to take the lead and improve traceability law for food safety.

Read Beth’s Fellowship report

I-Lyn Loo (WA, 2020)

Regenerative agriculture

Project aim: To investigate drivers for regenerative agriculture to incentivise adoption of these practices in Australia.

Read I-Lyn’s Fellowship report

Fiona Buining (ACT, 2020)

Urban farming

Project Aim: To investigate urban farm ventures that provide vocational pathways for aspiring food growers.

Read Fiona’s Fellowship report

Gavin Hardy (QLD, 2020)

Community food forests

Project Aim: To investigate the potential of community food forests and orchards.

Read Gavin’s Fellowship report

Camilla Humphries (VIC, 2020)

Orchards and cider

Project Aim: To investigate orchard growing systems for improving Australian cider production.

Read Camilla’s Fellowship report


Bernadette Zanet (NSW, 2020)

Design and tourism

Project aim: To investigate the relevance of design thinking principles on tourism business development

Read Bernadette’s Fellowship report here.

Tina Gunter (WA, 2020)

Addiction recovery

Project aim: To investigate methods of long term recovery from addiction through education, employment and social reintegration

Read Tina’s Fellowship report here. 

Natalie Graham (VIC, 2022)

Empowering people with intellectual disabilities

Project aim: To investigate programs that empower people with intellectual disability to improve health outcomes.

Read Natalie’s Fellowship report here.

Sian Spencer (QLD, 2019)


Project aim: To develop and prepare Australian athletes for international paraclimbing competitions

Read Sian’s Fellowship report here.

Tim Bevitt (ACT, 2019)

Intergenerational play

Project aim: The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to investigate how intergenerational play and creativity can be used to build cohesive communities

Read Tim’s Fellowship report

Brendan Cox (QLD, 2022)

Veteran care

Project aim: The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to create a model of care for families supporting a veteran suffering psychological / physical injury

Read Brendan’s Fellowship report

David Pearson (SA, 2020)

Ending Homelessness

Project aim: To better understand how communities around the world are reducing and ending street homelessness

Read David’s Fellowship report

Pete Williams (TAS, 2022)

Aged home care

Project aim: The Meg Gilmartin Churchill Fellowship to examine international home care models and determine transfer-ability to Tasmanian aged care

Read Pete’s Fellowship report

Heather Batten (QLD, 2020)

Limb amputation transition

Project aim: To improve transition of people with lower limb amputation from hospital to living in the community

Read Heather’s Fellowship report

Carol Kaplanian (WA, 2020)

Migrant family violence

Project aim: The WA Department of Communities Churchill Fellowship to understand the perspectives of migrant and refugee women who have experienced family violence

Read Carol’s Fellowship report

Donna Purcell (NSW, 2020)

Disability employment

Project aim: To study leadership models that remove barriers to employment for people with disability.

Read Donna’s Fellowship report

Cameron Cliff (QLD, 2020)

Domestic violence training in workplaces

Project aim: The James Love Churchill Fellowship to improve training on preventing and responding to domestic violence to Australian workplaces.

Read Cameron’s Fellowship report

Leanne Mitchell (VIC, 2019)

Ending Homelessness

Project aim: The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate how councils respond to rough sleeping while balancing responsibilities to the wider community.

Read Leanne’s Fellowship report

Susan Carland (VIC, 2019)


Project Aim: The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to explore practical strategies for countering Islamophobia

Read Susan’s Fellowship report

Martin Garred (QLD, 2020)

Housing Affordability

Project Aim: To research land use approaches to assist in addressing Australia’s housing affordability crisis.

Read Martin’s Fellowship report

Stephen Robinson (NSW, 2020)

Religious attacks

Project Aim: To investigate responses from religious leaders to violent attacks on houses of worship

Read Stephen’s Fellowship report

Victoria Cornell (SA, 2019)

Affordable housing for older Australians

Project Aim: The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative, affordable models of housing that could help older Australians to age-in-place.

Read Victoria’s Fellowship report

Joel Dignam (ACT, 2019)

Power of renters

Project Aim: To learn how to best build an organisation to grow the power of renters to advocate for social change.

Read Joel’s Fellowship report

Laura Egan (NT, 2018)

Venture philanthropy

Project Aim: To investigate the use of venture philanthropy to grow enterprises that foster economic inclusion

Read Laura’s Fellowship report

Jennifer Kulas (VIC, 2020)

Housing for women

Project Aim: To investigate innovative housing models for women.

Read Jennifer’s Fellowship report

Mary Leaker (SA, 2020)

Domestic violence and women’s safety

Project Aim: To gain insights into the impact of new domestic violence criminal offences on women’s safety.

Read Mary’s Fellowship report

Kim Samuel (NSW, 2019)

Disability housing 

Project Aim: To explore innovative options for disability housing that focus on user-choice and self-determination.

Read Kim’s Fellowship report


Helen Adam (WA, 2022)

Children’s books as vehicles

Project aim: To enhance expertise in children’s books as vehicles for disrupting prejudice and discrimination.

Read Helen’s Fellowship report here.

Elsbeth Grant Elspeth Grant (SA, 2019)

State and Territory History

Project aim: To revive learning about state and territory perspectives under our national History curriculum.

Read Elspeth’s Fellowship report here.

Kristen Hancock (WA, 2019)

Student Absenteeism

Project aim: The WA Department of Communities Churchill Fellowship to research factors and contexts linked with successful and failing student absenteeism strategies

Read Kristen’s Fellowship report here.

Murray Norman (NSW, 2019)

Religious Education

Project aim: To explore best Practice in Religious Education worldwide to enhance RE in a multicultural Australia

Read Murray’s Fellowship report

Jessica Colleu Terradas (WA, 2020)

Literacy intervention

Project aim: The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to identify effective language and literacy screening and intervention practices for at-risk students

Read Jessica’s Fellowship report

Leasa Ashton (WA, 2019)

Adolescents with chronic pain and fatigue

Project aim: To increase quality of life, community and schooling outcomes for adolescents with chronic pain and fatigue.

Read Leasa’s Fellowship report

Andrea Evans-McCall (VIC, 2020)

Inclusive learning and employability

Project aim: To investigate employability skills development in inclusive learning environments.

Read Andrea’s Fellowship report 

Yara Vasina (NSW, 2020)

Virtual students

Project aim: To explore virtual student mobility programs to increase participation of disadvantaged students.

Read Yara’s Fellowship report

Simon Massey (NSW, 2018)

School infrastructure

Project Aim: The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to transform and streamline strategic capabilities for school infrastructure planning.

Read Simon’s Fellowship report

First peoples

Candice Butler (QLD, 2022)

Child protection

Project aim: To explore how First Nations People are reclaiming child protection decision making to create change

Read Candice’s Fellowship report here.

Paul Roberts (SA, 2017)

Policing and employment

Project aim: To investigate a model for policing, employment and empowerment for remote Indigenous communities

Read Paul’s Fellowship report here.

Joe Flick (NSW, 2019)

WW1 Burial sites

Project aim: To research and document the burial sites of Indigenous soldiers who died overseas during WW1.

Read Joe’s Fellowship report

Deborah Askew (QLD, 2019)

Fatal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevention

Project Aim: To research holistic Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevention in urban Indigenous communities.

Read Deborah’s Fellowship report

Jeremy Heathcote (NSW, 2020)

Mental health

Project Aim: To gain an international perspective on the work being undertaken in First Nations communities on Mental Health

Read Jeremy’s Fellowship report

Jared Thomas (SA, 2019)

Colonisation in galleries

Project Aim: To investigate colonised people’s interpretative strategies in permanent gallery displays.

Read Jared’s Fellowship report

Nadine Tinsley (NT, 2020)

Peritoneal Dialysis Units with First Nation patients

Project Aim: The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study the education and training practices of Peritoneal Dialysis Units with First Nation patients

Read Nadine’s Fellowship report

Health and medicine

Elissa Campbell (WA, 2020)

Dementia palliative care

Project aim: The WA Department of Health Churchill Fellowship to explore models of palliative care for people living with dementia

Read Elissa’s Fellowship report here. 

Nicola Palfrey (ACT, 2019)

Trauma in childhood

Project aim:  To understand how to make exposure to trauma and adversity in childhood a public health issue

Read Nicola’s Fellowship report here. 

Stephen Macdonald (WA, 2019)


Project aim: To develop a best practice approach to diagnosis and management of sepsis across Australia

Read Stephen’s Fellowship report here.

Billy Garvey (VIC, 2019)

Evidence based parenting

Project aim: To improve child health and development using technology to support evidence-based parenting practice

Read Billy’s Fellowship report here.

Ashka Jolly (ACT, 2018)

Paediatric palliative care

Project aim: To advance the evaluation of paediatric palliative care in the Australian Capital Territory

Read Ashka’s Fellowship report

Rosie Nash (TAS, 2020)

Health literacy

Project aim: To ascertain if health literacy should be treated as a health, education and community issue

Read Rosie’s Fellowship report

Phil Ladlow (TAS, 2020)

Neuroplasticity in brain injury and disease

Project aim: To explore pioneering technology promoting neuroplasticity in people with brain injury and disease

Read Phil’s Fellowship report

Rami Al-Dirini (SA, 2019)

3D printing in bio applications

Project aim: To investigate application of advanced (Bio)mechanical modelling and 3D printing for personalised prosthetic design

Read Rami’s Fellowship report

Margie Danchin (VIC, 2020)

COVID vaccine communication

Project aim: The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to improve vaccine and risk communication to optimise COVID and routine vaccine acceptance and uptake

Read Margie’s Fellowship report

James Rowland (NSW, 2020)

Blood products

Project aim: To investigate the use of blood products in the pre hospital setting

Read James’ Fellowship report

Sean Stevens (VIC, 2019)

Simulated surgical training

Project aim: To explore leading global practices in the use of simulation in surgical education and training.

Read Sean’s Fellowship report

Grace Lethlean (VIC, 2018)

Digital health

Project aim: To strengthen Australia’s digital health companies and industry using international best practice

Read Grace’s Fellowship report

Dr Nicholas Wood (NSW, 2019)

Vaccine reaction

Project aim: To improve our clinical advice and management of vaccine reactions for the Australian community.

Read Dr Nicholas’ Fellowship report

Samantha Rowbotham (VIC, 2020)

Skeletal trauma

Project aim: To develop guidelines for best practice skeletal trauma analysis in forensic anthropology.

Read Samantha’s Fellowship report

Jenn Schumann (VIC, 2019)

Opioid misuse

Project aim: To investigate effective public health policies for preventing opioid misuse.

Read Jenn’s Fellowship report

Public service - courts and emergency

Andrew Hurst (NSW, 2020)

Domestic violence offenders

Project aim: To explore diversionary methods to change behaviours in domestic violence offenders

Read Andrew’s Fellowship report here. 

Laura Anderson (VIC, 2022)

Cognitively impaired offenders

Project aim: To understand global approaches to supporting rehabilitation for cognitively impaired offenders

Read Laura’s Fellowship report here. 

Anne-Marie Cade (VIC, 2020)

Parenting Coordination after separation

Project aim: To investigate best practice in Parenting Coordination as a dispute resolution tool after separation

Read Anne-Marie’s Fellowship report here.

Kate Dobson (TAS, 2020)

School attacks

Project aim: The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective strategies to minimise casualties during school attacks

Read Kate’s Fellowship report here.

Tom Morrison (NT, 2020)

Devices and Fuel reduction

Project aim: The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to research and assess UAV delivery methods of incendiary devices used in fuel reduction burning

Read Tom’s Fellowship report here.

Rebecca Plummer (NT, 2020)

Justice in isolated communities

Project aim: To evaluate practical models to improve access to justice in isolated and disadvantaged communities

Read Rebecca’s Fellowship report here.

Cate Sumner (TAS, 2019)

Legal services for women and children

Project aim: The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to research how impact investing and social impact bonds can support legal services for women & children

Read Cate’s Fellowship report

David Cowan (VIC, 2020)

Evidence based policing

Project aim: To investigate the development of evidence based policing across police agencies worldwide

Read David’s Fellowship report

Brendan Van de Duim (VIC, 2020)

Sex/violent offender management

Project aim: To identify proven risk based frameworks for serious sex/violent supervision order offender management

Read Brendan’s Fellowship report

Kate Bjur (QLD, 2020)

Gangs in youth detention

Project aim: The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective responses to youth gangs for use in youth detention centres

Read Kate’s Fellowship report

Kathleen Christopherson (QLD, 2020)

Coercive control

Project aim: To assess the efficacy of prosecuting the offence of coercive control

Read Kathleen’s Fellowship report

Matthew Wilson (VIC, 2020)

Infants in court

Project aim: To investigate innovative court-based approaches to infants in care and protection proceedings.

Read Matthew’s Fellowship report

Glen Blackwell (WA, 2020)

Policing engagement for people with mental and intellectual disabilities

Project aim: The Churchill Fellows Association of Western Australia Churchill Fellowship to establish diversionary practices for mentally and intellectually disabled persons engaging police.

Read Glen’s Fellowship report

Matthew Minehan (NSW, 2020)

Ethical behaviour in police agencies

Project aim: To investigate world-class training for embedding ethical behaviour within police agencies.

Read Matthew’s Fellowship report

Helen Glazebrook (QLD, 2020)

Corrections intelligence

Project Aim: To investigate international best practice in corrections intelligence methodologies

Read Helen’s Fellowship report

Carl Cutler (QLD, 2020)

Fatal and serious crash evidence

Project Aim: To achieve quick clearance while maintaining evidence integrity at fatal and serious crashes.

Read Carl’s Fellowship report

Haydn McComas (SA, 2020)

Volunteer firefighting leadership

Project Aim: To investigate learning and development options in leadership for volunteer firefighters.

Read Haydn’s Fellowship report

Joanne Philipson (NSW, 2019)

Prosecution disclosure

Project Aim: To make a comparative assessment of strategies to effectively manage prosecution disclosure.

Read Joanne’s Fellowship report

Science, technology and the environment

Erin Roger (NSW, 2022)

Biosecurity programs and citizen engagement

Project aim: To build and share knowledge of citizen science global participation in biosecurity programs globally

Read Erin’s Fellowship report

Scott Sleap (NSW, 2022)

Space and STEM workforce

Project aim: The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to inspire young people into careers in Space and grow Australia’s future STEM workforce.

Read Scott’s Fellowship report

Sarah Joyce (WA, 2020)

Health systems and the environment

Project aim: To explore how health systems can innovate to reduce their environmental footprint.

Read Sarah’s Fellowship report

David Och (NSW, 2019)

Geotechnical sustainability

Project aim: To develop a Statewide sustainable GIS geotechnical database to capture present data for the future.

Read David’s Fellowship report

Andrew Rozefelds (QLD, 2020) 

Australian Flora and climate change

Project aim: The Elvie Munday Churchill Fellowship to investigate the origins and history of the modern Australian Flora and the likely impacts of climate change.

Read Andrew’s Fellowship report

Andrew Christian (SA, 2020)

Seaweed production

Project Aim: The Richard Rischbieth Churchill Fellowship to expand my knowledge and experience of seaweed production in an ocean based environment.

Read Andrew’s Fellowship report

Adam Clarke (NSW, 2020)

Low carbon cities

Project Aim: To investigate leading global actions to transition cities to a resilient low carbon economy.

Read Adam’s Fellowship report

Madeleine Hartley (NSW, 2019)

Water scarcity

Project Aim: To improve our legal frameworks’ response to water scarcity by learning from the global experience

Read Madeleine’s Fellowship report

Julius Susanto (WA, 2020)

Electricity and renewable energy

Project Aim: To optimally operate a low inertia electricity grid with high penetration of renewable energy.

Read Julius’ Fellowship report

Manda Page (WA, 2018)

Conservation partnerships

Project Aim: To explore, review and document case studies of successful private-public conservation partnerships.

Read Manda’s Fellowship report

Steven Percy (VIC, 2020)

Hydrogen and Australia’s energy future

Project Aim: To understand the role of hydrogen in Australia’s energy future.

Read Stephen’s Fellowship report

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